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Rosanne Broersma


Rose is a certified Forrest Yoga instructor. Years of dancing and yoga provide her with the ultimate background for teaching the most luscious and exhilarating classes. As a Forrest Yoga teacher, Rose's classes evolve around movement in a pain- and injury free way. Her practice is challenging and unique, leaving you energized and ready to take on anything.


Working for one of Dublin's tech companies herself, Rose finds that yoga is essential to offset the stress associated with corporate life and balance the intellectual aspect with the physical. Being able to share the benefits of yoga is what energizes her!




Anna Olsen

Anna Olsson


Anna’s yoga journey started out with lots of intensity and heat, completing her first teacher training with Bikram Choudhury in LA in 2012. What initially attracted her to the practice was its transformational effects on her busy monkey mind, and the mental benefits remain the number one reason why she comes to the mat. The rest – strength/flexibility/improved energy levels/injury prevention etc etc – are just really nice side effects!She has taught on a fulltime basis for the past 5 years, branching out in styles and getting particularly hooked on Ashtanga yoga. She completed her 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Training with It’s Yoga Nicaragua in 2015 and is currently working to build up to her 500h certification with It’s Yoga Fuerteventura, specializing in Rocket Yoga which has its roots in Ashtanga but with an added playfulness!

As much as she loves a strong asana practice, she also takes an interest in Buddhist meditation, Vipassana and Yoga Nidra and facilitates workshops in the latter since completing her Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course with Nirlipta Tuli & Uma Dinsmore-Tuli of Wombyoga in the summer of 2017. Anna recently made her first trip to Mysore, India, where she spent a month practicing the dynamic Prana Vashya yoga with Yogacharya Vinay Kumar. She draws her inspiration to teach from her own personal practice and passion for the yoga and believes that constant learning and immersion in various types and styles and practices with different teachers is key.

Teaching means sharing what we know; inspiring others to reach their full potential and holding a safe and secure space for students within which the magic of self-realization through yoga can take place.




Jess Oatway


Yogajess's journey was born out of work related stress and back pain! She was working in a stressful job and noticed that after sitting at her desk for 3 to 4 hours without moving, her back would really start to hurt. So she found a Vinyasa yoga class near to her work and started going…(religiously) ….every Monday. She was hooked!
She started to REALLY get stressed in work which was taking over in her downtime as well and noticed that during yoga practice her concentration and breathing were so focused and calm she would forget about work and her mind felt peaceful and spacious. The anxious feeling disappeared.

Jess decided she wanted to learn more about the practice, have it as part of her everyday life and to introduce other people to yoga. She trained to become a teacher and completed her YTT 200hrs under the tutelage of Sibylle Dalmain and Naomi Sturdy at Yoga Dublin.

She soon realised that while a lot of people knew about yoga and wanted to try it, there was a feeling of fear and intimidation to go to the first classes. Her goal is to take those fears away. You can expect to be pushed and to have a sense of achievement in Jess's class, feel calm and relaxed but still have fun and a laugh. At the end of the day, we all need to stretch, strengthen, laugh and bring a bit of zen into our hectic lives.



Sam Lee HSP.jpg

Sam Lee Doyle


Sam is lover of movement. She's a yoga teacher, a rock climber, a cyclist and a bootcamp enthusiast. Her lifestyle supports energy, balance and grounding, she incorporates these elements into her Vinyasa classes.
She is genuine, approachable and inspired by her love of movement.
Her classes are challenging, dynamic and showcase her high energy but also explores restoring and meditation.

Trained in Yandara yoga school in Mexico and has a 8 years yoga practice.




Olwyn Kearns


Olwyn discovered Yoga in 1997 the first class she ever took was a Rocket Yoga class at It’s Yoga in San Francisco with Larry Schultz they were still calling the class Ashtanga Vinyasa at the time. Although finding herself in an advanced class meant falling over even in basic standing poses she knew she had found what she was looking for.

Years of traveling the world followed; finding the best classes she could, she finally settled on a teacher training in India in 2004. The opportunity to live for a month in an Ashram was too tempting and so worthwhile.

Moving on from there she continued her studies in New York with Shiva Rea, more at Jivamukti, back to India again and again and continued to emerge herself in many styles from Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Shadow, Anusara until now 20+ years later offering a style that brings out the best in all she has learnt.

She still sees herself and probably always will as a student first. The seat of the teacher is not something she ever does or ever will take for granted.


Classes are always strong but safe encouraging students to bring out the best of themselves.




Steve Gunn


Steve had been practicing Yoga for a number of years and decided to spend a month in India and complete a 200hour teacher training course in Sampoorna Yoga School in Agonda, Goa in January 2016.

This was one of the best decisions Steve ever made and being immersed in Yoga every day was a perfect way to spend a month. The weather and the beach was nice too.

Steve mainly studied Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow spending time on Alignment Anatomy and philosophy too.

On Steve’s return he developed a strong hour long flow which builds to a peak and gradually eases into a relaxing finish.

Steve kept up his teaching practice with family and friends since his return and teaches a Vinyasa class in the Trinity College Gym on Tuesday evenings, a lunch time class with Probabtion officers in Mount Joy Prison on Thursday afternoons occasional cover classes in The Elbow Room and has a number of private clients.





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