Meet The Art of Teaching Team

Drawing from a combined teaching experience of more than 20 years and a mutual love for their profession Sibylle & Naomi developed a training that will help you grow those skill with finesse and refinement. “The Art of Teaching” is a professional training designed for future teachers who want to teach skillful, potent and heartfelt classes that make a difference in the world.

Art of Teaching

Teacher Training Open Event

Chat with us about he course content, meet past students and see for yourself what The Art of Teaching is all about. We'll talk program content, what to look out for in a training and how to best prepare yourself in the lead up to it. There will be tea, chats, laughter and generally great yoga vibes. No pressure, no selling, just simple straight up information and an opportunity to Sibylle Dallmann, Naomi Sturdy and the Yoga Dublin team. 

Wed, 1st November | 20:15-21:15 | Ranelagh
Sat, 4th November | 11:30-12:30 | Dundrum


Teacher Training Testimonials 2016

"This was really an incredible experience. I am so very glad that I got the chance to undertake this training. The people I met were really amazing and they still provide support and encouragement to this day - all really beautiful people from all different walks of life."

"I definitely felt prepared to go out in to the real world and start teaching yoga straight away. I felt knowledgeable and confident in my abilities as a teacher. I also had identified the areas that I needed to do further work on."

"Naomi & Sibylle put together a fantastic course and created the most amazing three weeks. They were unbelievably patient, generous with their time and knowledge, and so supportive. Still to this day they check in by email to see if we are doing alright or to let us know about upcoming job opportunities. That is really going above and beyond but I appreciate it more than I can say."

"Naomi and Sibylle had HEAPS of knowledge between them! There was very rarely a question that was asked that either of them didn't have the answer for and if / when it did happen they made sure to go find out for us."

"This course was an amazing adventure and experience for me. I'm glad I decided to go for it. I've learned a lot about my strengths and did very well overcoming my weaknesses- so I'm extremely proud of myself. Teachers did great job, and I think it was timed very well, I feel confident if I wanted to teach anytime soon. Atmosphere between students was unbelievable, love, trust and caring for each other- I'm grateful for getting to meet all those amazing people."

Teacher Testimonials 

When you choose a yoga teacher training course, it can be helpful to get to know your teacher trainers, their technique, and their style before you dive in. Come along to one of Sibylle or Naomi's classes if you can, make sure that their style and presentation is one that will fit your needs as a future yoga teacher.

If you can't make it to a class beforehand the below testimonials might give you an insight into what to expect from The Art of Teaching course. 

I love Sibylle's yoga classes, she conveys a depth of yoga knowledge in a very precise format that is easily received and relevant. Her style of talking through the Vinyasa flow postures is amazing, it feels like my body and breath are responding not only to her words but also to a vibrational tone that I can feel in the movement. Sibylle's understanding of mindfulness is very in depth and she beautifully portrays this throughout the class as she nudges people into present moment awareness in their yoga postures. All this and a warmth and sense of humor too. A beautiful style of teaching that is quite unique in my experience.
Louis Heath

I recently took Sibylle's Yoga 1 Class in Dundrum for the first time. I've been practicing yoga for about 5 years now, but from time to time I like to take a Yoga 1 class to slow things down for a more relaxing class. What I think defines an amazing yoga teacher is the ability to cater to everyone in the class's physical needs at the same time. A great yoga teacher knows how to modify every yoga pose so that a student can get the benefit of the stretch no matter what their physical limitations may be. Sibylle did this and much more. She was very aware of everyone's needs in an over 25 person filled class. She also clearly explained the benefits, origins, and history of the poses. She then showed how each pose can advance and how students can build their practice while cheerily motivating and encouraging everyone to believe in themselves. In Sibylle's classes, you will come out feeling relaxed, empowered, and stronger all at the same time.
Rachel Sikorski

Sibylle embodies everything good about yoga, finding the fine balance between nourishing the mind, body and spirit through her practice. Her class is always challenging, never repetitive and her guidance as a teacher is rewarding to all who want to learn. She is inspirational and has a natural gift as a teacher.

I go to Sibylle's Tuesday and Thursday morning classes (when I can get in them!) every week and always sign up for her banks of retreat classes (like Easter). She was one of the first teachers I had when I started a practice (beginning of last year) and she has truly made me fall in love with yoga. Sibylle is an extraordinary teacher -- very thorough, thoughtful, and clearly puts a huge amount of preparation into her classes. Also, her classes are HARD -- which is awesome. Every student is pushed in a way personal to them, and each class is framed with a kind of lesson or intention. She also notices her students in a way that's rare -- she is quick to point out good things, notices improvement, offers adjustments or comfort and really gets to know her students and their practice. The lesson and tips and perspective she offers, from beginning to end, are the elements I apply most of all in my general practice outside of class. She also creates a very unique experience for her students -- the tone is set carefully, the atmosphere is created and adjusted over the course of the time, and there's something kind of poetic about the whole world she creates for the hour. You feel like you are entering into an experience -- a kind of gift. I have never had another class like this during my time practicing! I totally fan-girl on Sibylle - -and I'm not the only one!

Sibylle’s classes are quite simply special. I have been doing yoga for quite a while and have found in Sybylle a teacher who challenges me physically and mentally to be better. Her classes are strong and dynamic and so thoughtfully put together and flow so well that time flies by. She understands how the body works and gives such detailed descriptions of the poses and the anatomy that you find yourself understanding and being able to achieve poses you would never normally attempt. She does this with a philosophical edge and inspires you to really think about your perceptions of life and how yoga can help you in your day to day. Sybille is an exceptional yoga teacher who teaches a unique and consistently high quality challenging and thought provoking class.

Sibylle is a wonderful teacher, one of the best I have had in 15 years of practicing yoga. Her classes are quite dynamic and challenging, but always full of humour and kindness. She approaches her teaching in a holistic way – integrating a quite precise physical asana practice with more philosophical aspects to yoga - delivered with a warmth of spirit that is completely instinctive. I always come away from one of her classes feeling refreshed and inspired. I cannot recommend her enough.
David Cairnduff

Sibylle's classes are challenging, fun and filled with music, laughter and energy. In each class she weaves an inspiring philosophical theme through the poses and meditations seamlessly. Her classes are life-affirming!

I signed up for the 4-week all you can stretch to offer with Yoga Dublin in October but when it came to real life economics/one class a week I chose to attend Sibylle's Tuesday morning class. Reasons? Sibylle is unfailingly encouraging and creative, managing both with a class of very different abilities. Her talk throughout the class (can't emphasise how important this is, even given my limited experience of yoga) is thoughtful and aspirational, personal and often funny. Her programme is interesting and I imagine has taken a lot of preparation, though it appears effortless. Every week's class seems different yet connected. I feel the loss whenever I miss a class. I wish Sibylle well in her career and hope she will stay with us Tuesday people.
Mary Finn

Sibylle's classes are highly-motivating - a result of her expertise & deep knowledge of yoga, the thoughtful intention-setting that is a part of many classes and the carefully chosen music! Even in a busy, fast-moving class, Sibylle spots the adjustments that students need to make and explains them extremely clearly. I always come out feeling (at least!) ten times better than I did before I went in! In particular, the early morning classes set the tone for a great day. 
Susan Leahy

Sibylle Dallman was one of my first teachers and from the beginning her unique talents were clear but my appreciation for her abilities have only grown with time. She has a brilliant mind and her knowledge in human anatomy and physiology as it relates to yoga is only matched by her insight into the human condition. Sibylle does not claim that yoga is the cure all to life's troubled waters but a pathway to help manoeuver through them. I have seen first hand her kind nature and generous spirit towards her students which helps to create the perfect atmosphere for learning. Sibylle remains a constant inspiration in my own daily practice.

Naomi has a talent for creating challenging , yet enjoyable classes. I suppose the best recommendation is I keep returning for more. I have problems with my neck and upper back and was encouraged to try Yoga by my Physiotherapist. I am so glad I found Naomi as I have been much improved since I started her classes. She is nurturing and pushes you to greater things without you realising it. I feel totally safe as she treats all in her class as individuals with individual strengths and weaknesses while still uniting us as a group. She always has time to explain or give advice. I am in awe of her expertise and aspire to improve with her help I would have no reservation in recommending her as a teacher.

I have been attending yoga classes with Naomi for about a year and have absolutely loved every session. I have attended a lot of yoga classes in the past with different teachers, and only really viewed it as a way to get fit. With Naomi, as well as getting a great workout, I feel like she has allowed me to really progress my practice and help me understand what I'm doing and how I can influence my body and mind. I would and have recommended her classes to anyone!

Naomi is unpretentious with a lot of humour and good nature. She brings her extensive knowledge of yoga to the class in a way that is accessible to us all. I have been attending Naomi's classes for over a year and I always leave every class feeling inspired. She creates a safe environment to teach us not only the yoga poses and meditations but also lessons in how we can bring what we learn on the mat into our lives.

Naomi is always so positive, her classes are enjoyable and allow you to challenge yourself. Her instructions are easy to follow and she is full of encouragement.
Aisling Ryan

I have been attending Naomi's classes for about 2 years now and I look forward to them every week. She is a very attentive and encouraging teacher and her instructions are easy to follow. She also incorporates a nice mixture of different themes, meditation and postures, so I always come away having learned something​ new, and there is always time for a laugh and a smile in the classes too!

I have been attending yoga classes with Naomi since late 2015 right into the new year and I must say, I really enjoyed every single session. I have found her mentoring techniques to be excellent, from the use of clear, colourful and descriptive language to the right guidance and demonstration of movement to help me improve my form and abilities. Wholeheartedly loving yoga,
Eric Whelan

Naomi is naturally an excellent teacher who is very much in tune with her students' needs, levels and abilities. She has a wonderful ability to put everyone in her class at ease, while also ensuring that everyone is progressing in the correct way. I could not recommend her highly enough.
Ciara Walsh

Naomi teaches her classes with infectious enthusiasm combined with a depth of knowledge and care, coupled with kind humour which helps greatly as you hold that pose for another few seconds... A wonderful teacher,passionate about sharing her practice and keenly interested in helping her students develop;progress and grow their practice.

I have been taking Naomi's class for about 4 years now. Naomi is an excellent instructor. There is always a great sense of calm and encouragement in her classes. I feel that Naomi brings out a lot of people during a class, especially when it comes to trying new things and pushing oneself. I always leave class with a clear head and knowing that I learned something new about yoga and myself.

I have been attending class with Naomi for the last 3 years and I have to say they are a joy. Naomi is an excellent teacher and her classes are fun, well paced and informative. She has a great way of explaining postures to ensure you get the best out of them. She has a very personal approach and you leave the class feeling like she really knows you and is there to help.
Emma Robinson

Naomi’s class is at 7am on a Monday morning, a horrific time from a bone fide non morning person and yet I find myself setting the alarm clock to be there on time.  Her classes seem gentle but are very precise with a strong flow yet done in a gentle calm thoughtful manner.  You feel renewed and ready for the day after her class! Naomi is an inspiring teacher who challenges your body but calms your mind.



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