Yoga Dublin Monthly Membership

Our membership option covers unlimited Yoga, Pilates, Ballet Barre and Zumba classes at our 2 centres in Dundrum and Ranelagh. It is the best value for those attending classes twice a week or more.

Agreement Terms:
With this purchase clients agree to the following terms:


Membership is activated upon purchase for a twelve month commitment.
A minimum commitment of three consecutive months is required.
Payments will be charged to the securely stored card on your account on an automatic monthly basis continually after the initial three month commitment, until notice written notice is provided.
The date of payments will be the same date each month.
Passes are valid for use by the named pass holder only and cannot be used by others.

Unlimited pass holders are asked to respect the class booking system and if they cannot attend class, to please cancel within 6 hours before class starting so as to let other people a chance to book in. Cancelling within 6 hours of class start time weill result in a 'late cancel', 3 late cancels in a 30 day period will result in clients' ability to book classes being suspended for 1 week. 

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation notice must be given a minimum of 15 days before your next monthly payment is due.
Partial refunds will not be given and monthly payments once billed are not eligible for cancellation or refund.
Cancellations cannot be backdated.
Client is guaranteed original rate for a minimum of 3 months. 
A €50 cancellation fee will be charged if membership is cancelled within the initial 3 months.
The cancellation fee will be waived if transferring to an Auto Renew 6 Class Pass.

Suspension of Membership:
Clients are entitled to place their membership on hold in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

Three months of the first period of the contract must be completed.
Clients may suspend a months payment only twice during any twelve month contract
All suspension notices must be in writing by email.
A minimum of 15 days’ notice must be given prior to the next payment date due.

A charge of €5 per month will be taken in place of membership fee for the duration of the account suspension.

Suspensions may not be back dated.



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