Mum & Baby Yoga: What's it All About

Yoga teacher and mum of three Ruthe tells us all we need to know about Mum and Baby Yoga classes, the benefits for mum and the benefits for baby. Read More

The Early Bird

Waking up before you need to is a daunting thought - alarm clock rings - snooze .. rings again, snooze again! Why get up when you could have some extra zzz's under your warm duvet! Aisling runs through the reasons why getting up for a 7am class is so worthwhile and tips on how to drag your ass out of bed first thing. Read More

Why Try Baby Massage?

Baby massage is a lovely way to soothe, calm and enjoy time with your baby. Michelle Egan has been teaching baby massage courses for over 10 years now - she talks us through the benefits of massaging your baby and what to expect of her course. Read More

Lets Make Progress

You're midway through January - the initial rush has calmed, the air has settled, and your routine may feel a little more familiar. You've started yoga/ been doing yoga for a while now and you'd like some more, to learn more, to experience more. Naomi gives us a few ideas that may help us progress our practice.... Read More

Kate's Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher - Part 5 (Teaching Her First Class)

"I won’t lie…I breathed a big huge sigh of relief after teaching my first yoga class. I probably could’ve done with a glass of wine to be honest but I settled for a long bath and some time to relax after a pretty nerve-racking evening!" Read More

Mindfulness Vs Meditation: The Difference Between The Two

People often get confused between mindfulness and meditation, which is not surprising as they cross over in lots of ways. Meditation Coach Dorcas Barry clears up the confusion. Read More

Seven Reasons You Need To Try Pole Fitness

Teacher Mich Piazza joined her first Pole class by accident and is now HOOKED!! It didn't come easily - progress was slow but she persevered and is now hopelessly (but happily) addicted & qualified to teach in 2016. Find out why you should consider adding pole to your fitness regime... Read More

New Years Resolutions

As we move through the holidays and approach 2017 a common subject amongst friends and family (not to mention all over the internet) is New Year’s Resolutions. Read More

Santa time - what to get the yogi in your life

Have a yogi in your life? Can't figure out what to get this holiday season? Check out Aisling's Christmas wish list! Read More

Catch the Wave!

Blogger Aisling made the spontaneous decision to go on the trip of a lifetime to Swell Surf Camp in the Dominican Republic (yes, we're all green with envy) ... she shares her experience ... how fantastic it felt to do something totally different. When is the last time you did something different?? Read More

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