Haelee Reis

Haelee is a pole dancer from Australia who loves all things movement, spending a lot of time upside down in handstands or on the pole


Haelee moved from Canberra, Aust. to Dublin in 2015 to challenge herself and skillset in the Irish and European market and competitive arena.


In 2016 Haelee won the All Ireland Pole Dance Championships, her first time ever competing.


From a young age Haelee has always played competitive sports including representing her home state at nationals for baseball serveral times and numerous track and field athletics events. 


Haelee is number four out of her ten siblings and absolutely adores having grown up with such a big crazy family.


The weekend sport run for the parents was like the family edition of The Amazing Race. 


Haelee teaches Skulpt Barre and Skulpt Conditioning classes at Yoga Dublin.


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