Random Enthusiasm


Don’t you love a bit of enthusiasm? Only a couple of days ago I was chatting about how I am attracted to people with a positive outlook, who get excited by the little things.

In business, people network to share contacts, opportunities and ideas. What if we networked our “happy”? Swap ideas, photos, texts and tips about things that make you smile. Tell your friends about a new book or product you used. It’s all positive and passing it around can only be a good thing. Sometimes we just need a reminder to pause long enough to see the good stuff.

With that in mind, here are some of the bits and pieces I’m loving at the moment. Let me know what’s new with you in the comments!

With the mornings getting darker, I need a bit of encouragement on my early runs, so I’ve getting into my musical groove. Did you know you can collaborate with a friend and share playlists on Spotify? Great fun! Importantly, I got myself a “be safe be seen” armband to stay visible on the roads, seeing as the park will be too spooky for a few months.

I’m also looking forward to picking up a couple of pieces of more wintry yoga gear. Nothing like getting out in a fabulous new pair of leggings to make you feel extra fab in class. Leg warmers anyone?

leg warmers

Nuts, seeds, healthy fat... all wonderfully good for you, especially to maintain that glowing skin coming into autumn. I’ve been making my own “sprinkles” for my morning porridge and smoothies by blitzing mixed nuts (unsalted) and mixing in chia seeds, desiccated coconut and assorted seeds. Along with a drizzle of honey breakfast is sorted. Add any goodies you fancy, dried fruit, dark chocolate chips etc. Yum!

Check out this delicious smoothie recipe from Jessica Sepel.

slim down smoothie

Getting Out There
There is nothing like a road trip for a bit of excitement. I sometimes forget what a beautiful country I’m surrounded by. A recent trip to the south coast reminded me how easy it is to get out and explore. Autumn is the perfect time for hiking and some fresh air. The Bray–Greystones Coast Walk is wonderful and Glendalough has a great map of trails for all levels.


Although I love my yoga and running, I think my body would appreciate a bit of a change in routine. The new season seems like a perfect time to shake things up! I’m looking forward to trying some Ballet Bar and Pilates classes over the next few weeks, stay tuned to hear how I get on! I’ll be continuing with my yoga addiction though… couldn’t be without that!

ware tutus

Remember, enthusiasm is contagious so get out there and spread some excitement!

About the Author

Aisling McCabe

Aisling may work a desk job but loves nothing more than being active and getting out into the fresh air and sunshine. She is a big fan of staying healthy and happy and believes the two are strongly linked.

She fell in love with yoga because of its feel good benefits and continues to reap the rewards of a regular practice every week. She adores the snow and sunshine and indulges in surfing or snowboarding as the season dictates. As a nutritional therapist and a bit of a foodie, she enjoys trying new recipes, looking for the balance between the wholesome and the indulgent!

Aisling has been our Yoga Dublin blogger for over two years and loves sharing her tips and insights for a healthy lifestyle.


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