Why I Decided To Do A Yoga Teacher Training

by guest blogger and soon to be yoga teacher Angela Vela 

In 2009, I went on my first holidays on my own. Because I’ve never travelled alone, I booked a surf and yoga retreat. I’d never practiced yoga or surf before, so it must have been destiny, because I fell in love with both and when I came back to Dublin, I signed up to yoga classes straight away. I started with 1 class a week, soon it was 2 or 3… It became part of my life and almost 8 years later I practice yoga every day and I’m about to train as a yoga teacher!


When I was little I did gymnastic, dance, theatre. My body seems built for that and I found dancing a natural way of expressing myself. Then in my teens I started feeling very disconnected from everything. I lived in my head and became very critical of myself and my body. Gradually I stopped playing music, dancing, I found it difficult to relate to others…So I put all my focus on studying, going to college, getting a degree and starting a career.
It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I went back to a dance studio with a dodgy back from years of bad posture and being unkind to my body! I wasn’t going to become a professional dancer, but it felt great to be back in my body, moving, breathing.

Yoga felt the same, a way of connecting with my body and getting out of my head. A way of being present, open. I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life. Yoga has taught me to be happy where I am at, without judgement, without comparing myself with others. To follow my heart and my path, and enjoy every moment on and off the mat.

Yoga is such an important element of my personal health approach, both physical and mental, that I want to learn to use it as a tool to help others.


So I recently graduated in naturopathy and acupuncture, and after a few months travelling, I quit my corporate-office job and I now work in a small health store and can’t wait to do the yoga teacher training.

Training with Sybille and Naomi was an easy decision to make. I have been going to Sybille and Naomi’s classes in Yoga Dublin for a couple of years, so training with them was an easy decision to make. I find their positivity contagious, their encouragement, and there is always something to take with me for the day in their classes: how certain poses help, how to use yoga to achieve your goals, to find clarity, to let go…

For a while my friends have been asking me why I didn't become a yoga teacher. I guess I had to be ready to take that step!
It is a bit daunting, but I’m really excited about the training and the opportunities that it will bring.

Is it August yet????

About the Author

Angela has signed up to The Art of Teaching 200hr Yoga Teacher Training this August with Sibylle & Naomi in Yoga Dublin, Dundrum.

We look forward to welcoming Angela and the other trainees and being a part of their Yoga journey!

Instagram: @inked_yogi_angel


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