Do you have to be ‘good’ at Yoga to become a teacher?

by teacher trainer Naomi Sturdy

Dublin Yoga Teacher Training

When considering whether to train to become a Yoga teacher or not, many people ask me, ‘do you think I’m good enough at Yoga?’ There is an immediate and very understandable fear as to the level of physical ability that is necessary to teach. It is understandable and with any fear, doubt or questioning, I feel it is important to dig a little deeper, to look at the issue from different angles, to zoom out, re-question and then formulate a plan of action based on what it is you want to do.

Look at the issue from different angles
When worried or fearful about your own physical ability and whether it is ‘good’ enough to teach Yoga, it is worth noting that the beauty of Yoga as a practice is the many facets and angles to which one can experience and enjoy classes. Physical poses and movements are just one aspect. You may feel more drawn to the meditative benefits, the time to reflect, the breathing practices, the therapeutic elements or restorative practices, and these are all or some of the angles in which you choose to specialise or teach that do not focus on physical prowess as paramount.

Also, if you do enjoy the physical postures and movements and would love to teach them it is important to have an understanding of the principles of anatomy, the principles of how the postures can be developed and safely experienced but it is not important that you can do every single posture and movement for someone else to be able to learn and experience it for themselves. Consider the students angle and perspective, do they come to class to watch a teacher perform or to have their own learning experience?

200hr Teacher Training Dublin

Zoom out
Whenever we experience fear or doubt, we can get stuck in one way of seeing things. The fears and doubts can overtime begin to feel like facts and reality. If you are thinking ‘I may not be physically adept enough to teach’ it can begin to feel like the truth. So zooming out, look at other realms where there are teachers or coaches and not just Yoga. Go to different kinds of classes and as a student ask yourself, is it important that a teacher or coach can perform well or that they can teach/coach well? What is the difference between performance and teaching?

Re-Question-What is it that I want to do?
Ask yourself when considering embarking on a teacher training-what is it that you love? What excites you? What do you feel you would love about teaching? What do you want to teach the most? What kind of atmosphere would you like to create? How do you want to connect to people?

Plan of Action
Once you begin to focus on your love, your excitement, your joy, it takes the emphasis away from fear and doubt. If you love and really believe in something, you will feel good and you will ultimately BE GOOD at it.

Art of Teaching Training

In the world right now, with all of us different, unique, extraordinary and ordinary individuals, as much as we need people who can show us what they can do, we also need people who are deeply connected to themselves, who have cultivated understanding and compassion for themselves and can show us how to do the same. We need those who can help us find our way, who can inspire and motivate us. The physical poses, the strength, the mobility and flexibility can be developed over time and that is your personal experience, as a teacher it is a matter of developing skills and practices to encourage others in their experience.

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Naomi xx

About the Author


Naomi has been teaching for over 10 years. She originally qualified as a Physical Education teacher with a great interest and passion for exercise, activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Naomi began practicing Yoga in Dublin and went on to travel around the world practicing Yoga in India, Nepal, New Zealand and China. She undertook her 200 hours teacher training qualification with the YTTC in Dublin in 2010 and has since then continued training with many world renowned teachers in Ireland and abroad. Naomi has completed Advanced Yoga studies in India in 2013 and another 300 hours Om Yoga Vinyasa training with international teacher Cyndi Lee in 2015. Along with her Yoga training Naomi has qualified in Advanced Matwork Pilates teaching.

Participating in various activities over the years and with many years experience in physical training, Naomi has found that Yoga and Pilates balance the body and have given her a deep appreciation and experience in mental training to create an holistic approach to fitness and health.

'My classes are inspired by the Hatha and Vinyasa styles in which I have trained and inspired by my own training for sports and movements that I find beneficial for the body. I love focusing on particular aspects of the body to develop within classes and to also integrate flowing sequences. I encourage each individual to challenge themselves to their own abilities in all postures. Movements are taught with a focus on alignment, breathing and relaxation.'

When not on her mat or teaching, Naomi loves getting outdoors and rock climbing!

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