What our Teacher Training can give you

Naomi Sturdy and Sibylle Dallmann have created a training that they feel gives you a real opportunity to dive deep into Yoga and yourself. Here are some of the aspects of the training they feel you can experience, learn and benefit from…….

2017 yoga teacher training


In our Intensive style teacher training you will be practicing physically every day, getting a chance to dive deep into your practice, progress and challenge past your perceived limitations. The opportunity for consistent practice for one month may be a new experience for you and it can be exhilarating to see where you can take your body and mind. A challenge like showing up every day can help you see what you are really capable of and expand your vision.

With any challenge like mentioned above, once you have shown yourself that you can do it, there is a great sense of accomplishment. When you have the courage to commit and see where that takes you, there is a sense of great accomplishment in seeing yourself through your bad days, your ‘don’t want to get out of bed’ days and your good days! This type of practice can really allow us to see the impermanence of everything and allow you to ride the waves and to keep moving forwards.

yoga teacher training

Self Study:

On our training you will have time to reflect, to tune inwards, to question and to explore your own responses, your own attitudes, perceptions, your way of learning, of understanding and how you see yourself and the world. This chance to connect to yourself gives you a great opportunity to study what works for you, what doesn’t work so well, what you can embrace and what you can let go of. Self study is your chance to empower yourself and become aware of how you can choose and direct the ways in which you want to be.

Community and Connection:
As well as individual learning and study, Yoga and this training is all about community and connection. Finding others you can share your journey with, who get you, who feel like you, who enjoy the same things as you is truly special. Through the training you will support each other, hold space for each other and develop true respect and compassion for everyone on their path.

share your love of yoga

Fresh Perspective:
Spending this month of your life diving into the physical practices of Yoga, the theories and philosophy behind Yoga practices, deep relaxation, breath practices and Meditation can give you a whole new way to see yourself, your body, your mind and your soul. Combining this experience with the skills of how to teach these practices gives you a fresh perspective on the human experience, how we can all experience and deserve to experience health, peace and happiness.

Through learning the skills of teaching, leading groups, taking the teachers seat, you have a great opportunity to express yourself and share your unique expression with the world. This training gives you a great platform for gaining confidence in yourself and what you have to offer others, you will learn how to communicate clearly and confidently and find a sense of grounding, relaxation and ease.

We aspire for you to take this foundational training as a platform from which you launch yourself forwards on your path of love. That whatever you learn, whatever you experience, you can expand and broaden your vision for what is possible for you, for what you can achieve and for your infinite potential.

We are excited to meet you,

Naomi and Sibylle

Interested in finding out more about our next 200hr teacher training this August? 
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