The Early Bird

Well hello there!

Have you noticed the days getting a tiny bit longer?  It was bright at 5pm yesterday evening and it was so lovely to leave the office with a little light in the sky!  A sign of things to come.

Good morning

I can’t wait until it’s bright enough to get back into the park for my early morning runs.  They make me feel great.  I’m really excited to start some pre-work yoga too, I can’t imagine a better start to the day.

I know what they say about the early bird, but worms aside, I love to exercise first thing because it makes me feel smug.  Yes, that’s right, smug.  I just love the feeling of getting a head start on the day, of ticking the exercise box while everyone else is still in bed.  The feeling of accomplishment carries me through the day and physically my body enjoys the buzz of an early morning workout for hours.

Did you know that Yoga Dublin now offers early morning yoga classes in Dundrum and Ranelagh?  You can check out the class schedule here and find a class that’s right for you.

Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat


Some fab benefits of morning exercise:
  • Starts the day on a positive note.
  • Gives your system a kick start and boosts energy.
  • Leaves the day free for all the other stuff and time for spontaneous fun.
  • Wakes up the mind and helps with focus throughout the day.
  • Less likely to skip your workout, encouraging consistency and less guilt!
  • Tendency to make healthier choices throughout the day.

Although you may love the idea of bouncing out of bed an hour earlier it can sometimes be difficult to muster the motivation. 

Here are some tips to making it a bit easier to be a morning warrior:

  • Lay out your workout gear the night before.
  • Get to bed at a reasonable time.
  • Schedule your workouts and stick to it… don’t decide in the morning!

So, why not give some morning yoga classes a try.  I bet you’ll love it and it becomes part of your 2017 routine.  Promise you won’t feel like this guy!

Early Bird No Worm

About the Author

Aisling McCabe

Aisling may work a desk job but loves nothing more than being active and getting out into the fresh air and sunshine. She is a big fan of staying healthy and happy and believes the two are strongly linked.

She fell in love with yoga because of its feel good benefits and continues to reap the rewards of a regular practice every week. She adores the snow and sunshine and indulges in surfing or snowboarding as the season dictates. As a nutritional therapist and a bit of a foodie, she enjoys trying new recipes, looking for the balance between the wholesome and the indulgent!

Aisling has been our Yoga Dublin blogger for over two years and loves sharing her tips and insights for a healthy lifestyle.


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