Kate's Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher - Part 5 (Teaching Her First Class)

by guest blogger and Art of Teaching 200hr Yoga Teacher Training graduate Kate Barry

I won’t lie…I breathed a big huge sigh of relief after teaching my first yoga class. I probably could’ve done with a glass of wine to be honest but I settled for a long bath and some time to relax after a pretty nerve-racking evening!

kate barry 1

After completing the The Art of Teaching - 200hr Yoga Teacher Training I had planned to take a couple of weeks to digest everything and get life back to normal before I started teaching. There was so much information that we learned throughout the training that was all swimming around my head, I just needed a little break to process it all and get a handle on what I wanted to do to take the next step on my Yoga teaching journey. So the plan was, a couple of weeks to relax a little then put together and teach my first course of classes and if I’ve given only a few people a place to release, relax, take time for themselves and realise some of the benefits that yoga can bring then I would be happy.

Unfortunately, my “day job” sucked me right back in. I had a massive deadline due and was working like crazy. So I had a couple of really busy months, but when it got to end of October and things started to calm down slightly I decided this was it, if I didn’t start soon enough I’d let the nerves take over again and never get out there and actually do this really big thing that I’d wanted to do in my life for the past few years.

So then the practical stuff had to be looked at. I got my insurance sorted and started looking for a place to hold the classes. I ended up finding the perfect place for my first course, a medium sized room to fit about 10 people – which was PLENTY for the nervous newbie teacher in me! :)

kate berry 2

As it wasn’t a studio and I had barely any props, I went online in search for these and luckily got a pile of them on sale – result! So class plans, playlist, foam blocks, bricks and straps all sorted… I was pretty much ready to go.

Needless to say, the day of my first class I had butterflies all day. I spent my lunch break staring at my class plan trying to memorise it all… even though I’d spent hours going through it all the night before! I got to the room nice and early, lit some candles, took a few deep breaths to calm myself and put on some chilled music. I had to remind myself of why I was doing this… I LOVE yoga, I know the benefits that asana and meditation bring to body and mind, my whole reason for taking on the training was so I could hopefully introduce yoga into the life of someone who otherwise may not have taken it up… end result, spreading the yoga love everywhere and the world being a better place! Not much to wish for is it?! ;) 

kate barry 3

Once the first person came through the door that was it really, no going back now. So I put my big girl pants on and got on with it. Was I nervous the whole way through… yep. Did I probably forget one or two things I had planned … yep. Did I blurt out about 20 cues per pose… probably! But it all went relatively smooth and by the time they all lay down in Savasana I just thought - this is exactly right, it’s not about me and my nerves… it’s about providing a space where people can experience yoga, whatever that means for them.

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About the Author

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Kate has been practicing yoga since 2013. With a grateful love and appreciation for life and the world we live in she has a passion for yoga, both on and off the mat.

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