Mindfulness Vs Meditation: The Difference Between The Two

by Guest Blogger and Mediation Coach Dorcas Barry

People often get confused between mindfulness and meditation, which is not surprising as they 
cross over in lots of ways. The main difference is that mindfulness is a way of being in the world, as you go about your daily life, creating subtle changes in where you put your thoughts and attention. Meditation requires taking some time out, away from the normal day to day activities, to focus your attention on connecting with the silent space within.

Where it can get confusing is that Mindfulness also includes the practice of mindfulness meditation, focusing on the present moment, but taking time out alone just to do the meditation. This is where mindfulness and meditation intertwine with each other.

Mindfulness 2
There are lots of different kinds of meditations and practices. The trick is to keep trying different ways until you find the one that works for you. You can't get it wrong! Just getting starting and prioritising the time each day to build your practice until it becomes a habit you can't live without and it starts to create positive changes in other areas of your life.

Often people find guided meditation an easy way to start, or join a group that meets weekly to motivate yourself. Meditating in a group is a really powerful way to create this positive change in your life, and is also much more fun.


Dorcas is starting weekly Meditation classes in the Dundrum studios from the 16th January 2017. 

  -   Mondays @ 6:30pm 
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About the Author

Following on from a career working as a nutritional consultant and healthy cookery teacher, Dorcas Barry became fascinated by the significant role that patterns of thinking and emotional health can play alongside food and diet in health and happiness.

She duly added training as a Meditation Coach to her qualifications in food and nutrition, and now carries out corporate workshops on meditation, relaxation, and positive mental health habits, alongside alongside healthy eating events.

Dorcas believes that developing healthy habits for the mind as well as the body is the key to creating truly sustainable health along with a happier and more fulfilling experience in day to day work and play.


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