The Kale Salad Phenomenon

by guest blogger Dorcas Barry. "I have for a long time believed that greens are addictive, and the darker they are the stronger the addiction. I am very excited and passionate about greens, and any farmer's market stall with a good seasonal selection, is enough get my mind and palate racing with all the delicious ways of enjoying them." Read More

Summer Yoga Retreats

Dip your toes in the blissful world of yoga retreats with one of Yoga Dublin's expert teachers this Summer. Read More

Spoilt for Choice

Do you, like me, love lots of choice? Who doesn’t feel a little spoilt when presented with a variety of possibilities. In fact, it’s quite relaxing not being forced in any one direction, able to make a decision based solely on your own mood or needs. Read More

Yoga Philosophy-Would you like to learn more?

Whether you have been going to Yoga classes for a long time or you have just started, at some point you may have heard your teacher refer to some of the philosophical aspects of the practice. Read More

Interview with our Teacher Trainers Naomi & Sibylle

With over 20 years of Yoga experience between them, Naomi and Sibylle are committed to supporting an inspiring you on your journey to becoming the best teacher you can be. Read on to discover how they became so passionate about their practice and the funny parts of being a Yoga teacher! Read More


Do we always recognise the difference between inspiration and competition? Inspiration makes us feel happy, positive and energised… Feeling the need to compete can be a little more negative, making us feel that we’re somehow not up to par. Read More

‘Take a Deep Breath ‘ Masterclass

There is breathing - and there is Breathing, with a capital B: prana-inspired, open hearted, full body breathing that creates wave like spinal moments which feel juicy and alive. It is this full-body breathing that I am after in my own practice, and further out into my own life. Breath inspires us, literally, and takes us out of the murky lethargy that seems to land in our bodies over the winter months. Read More

Rise & Shine

There are lots of benefits of practicing yoga in the morning, Aisling shares some tips & tricks on how to get up and out of bed and out the door for an early morning yoga class. It's not easy to leave the comfort of your duvet behind but it's definitely worth it! Read More

Linked Finance - Crowd Funding

This year our Dundrum studio is EXPANDING - we are creating 2 new studios, a juice/ coffee bar and an expanded retail area selling yoga props and active wear. To raise the funds we are crowd funding through LinkedFinance - lenders, LIKE YOU, can lend to small Irish businesses - LIKE US with great returns on your investment. Get involved and help us grow! Read More

Tummy Time

Having digestive woes? There are many reasons why our tummies might be unhappy - eating the wrong foods, stressed out or not moving enough. Trouble is that pin pointing the problem isn’t always easy. Read More

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