New Years Resolutions

As we move through the holidays and approach 2017 a common subject amongst friends and family (not to mention all over the internet) is New Year’s Resolutions. Those BIG, AMBITIOUS GOALS that are generally too difficult to follow through with which leaves you feeling guilty and deflated.

This year why not set SMALL, ACHIEVABLE GOALS that promote the health of your body and your mind.

Try one of the ideas below to start making a positive change in your life.

Try Something New
Learn a new skill, pursue a new interest … maybe adopt a yoga practice.

Already have a yoga practice? Why not try a different style of yoga, mix it up a bit! It's easy to get comfortable with your routine - you find a yoga class and teacher that you love and you stick to it. There are so many different styles of yoga, different teachers, different philosophies for you to try - branch out and in turn deepen your yoga practice.

Progress Your Practice

Learn or master one new yoga pose a week/ month. 
Regardless of how advanced you are as a student there is always more to learn. Pick a pose you would like to explore more deeply and practice, practice, practice! 

Yoga Progress
Create or maintain a home practice
Rolling out your mat at home is easier said than done, we know. Especially after a hectic day when all you want to do is curl up on the couch and switch on the soaps. The trick is to start slow - you don't need to dive into a 60-minute sequence from the get-go; start with a 15-20 minutes and go from there. You're more likely to do it if the duration doesn't sound too daunting. 


Do Private Lessons
Commit to one or two private yoga lessons to fine-tune your current practice. Private lessons move at a slower pace and focus on alignment challenges specific you. 

private yoga

Challenge Yourself

Instead of a resolution where you focus on what you shouldn't do why not set yourself a goal? Having something to work towards can make it easier to keep motivated. Kick start your 2017 with Yoga Dublin's 30 Day Challenge - attend 30 classes in 30 days and win a 3 Months Membership! 

30 Day Challenge

Whatever you focus on this year, whether it be a resolution or a goal (or nothing at all) we'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year !


About the Author


Lorna is the manager here at Yoga Dublin and works behind the scenes making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible (you may also see her sneaking in late to a couple of the classes... or hiding in the back row). If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions don't hesitate to get in touch 


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