My Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher - Part 2

by guest blogger Kate Barry


A week in….and I now realise why they call it an “Intensive” Teacher Training – it’s intense! Since last week I’ve been living in a bubble - the only people I’ve seen are the rest of the group, the trainers Sibylle and Naomi, the reception staff at the studio and my lovely mother who has provided dinner on the evenings I don’t even have the time or energy to cook. A bubble where the first thing I discuss each day is our “homework” from the night before, how our muscles are feeling that day and possibly how the heck Iyengar manages to have his leg so high that he’s practically in a standing split in Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana! 

Physically, mentally, emotionally… there is a lot going on right now. Our days are filled with a yoga practice, asana clinics, anatomy, subtle anatomy, philosophy, teaching skills & discussions. I can’t even describe how engaging and interesting it is, really and truly. It’s opening up an absolute world of information and a realisation that while a 200 hour yoga teacher training course sounds like a lot of time, there’s several lifetimes of learning that could be done on the subject of yoga and you still wouldn’t know it all. Sibylle and Naomi have such a vast amount of knowledge and it can be hard to hold back from pouring out the hundred questions I have in my head at any one time and actually just sit with the information they’ve passed to us and allow that to process.

We all have our comfort zones and I am more than a little out of mine. Freezing at the top of the room and having a mental block on how to talk the rest of the group into a certain pose was not the high point of my week… but who wants to hang out in the safe place all the time?! I was never a natural academic and I struggle getting my head around certain things. But that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying the process. Who’d have thought I’d be so fascinated by the golgi tendon and the Sushumna nadi?! I had most definitely gotten into a “static” way of living. I mean, I go to new places and meet new people all the time – but was I really branching out and discovering more about myself, others, the world we live in, life? Not so much!

So yes, there have been moments where I’ve struggled to get my head around things and times when the monkey mind is pretty active, but slowly, things are beginning to come together. It’s a little feeling that can’t really be put into words but at certain times it feels like this is all happening at the right time, with the right people, for it to bring about another part of my life as it’s meant to be.

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About the Author

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Kate has been practicing yoga since 2013. With a grateful love and appreciation for life and the world we live in she has a passion for yoga, both on and off the mat.


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