Why do a yoga workshop?

You've been attending yoga classes for a while now... how can a yoga workshop benefit you? Or, you're completely new to yoga - here's 5 reasons why you should try a yoga workshop at Yoga Dublin. Read More

Five Tips to Open your Life through Reiki

What is Reiki and how does it work? Reiki Master Sandra Rea tells us how Reiki can be used to open up our lives. Read More

Everything you've ever wanted to know about hot yoga

Everything you've ever wanted to know about hot yoga ... we break down all the barriers of hot yoga, versing you in all you need to know ahead of your first hot class. Read More

Awesome Avocado

Ever wonder if your avocado obsession is normal? Well, it is - simple ... and here's why (includes some delicious recipes for the avocado addicts out there!) Read More

Thinking of a career in yoga? Here's everything you need to know

If you’ve ever found yourself gazing out the office window, drained from your nine to five and dreaming of deep breaths and downward dogs, this might be the nudge in the direction you need. At Yoga Dublin, our teachers are so passionate about their classes that it's easy to forget it's their job, or that the studio is technically their office. Read More

Yoga & Men

Why don't more men do yoga? Yoga mats, at least in Ireland, remain dominated by women. We talk to the owner of Yoga Dublin, Colm Walsh about the common misconceptions men have about yoga... Read More

Why yoga is your best ally for a good night's sleep

Yoga has long been celebrated as the ultimate drug-free sleep aid, but still, the positive impact that this mindful exercise can have on your sleeping pattern needs to be experienced to be believed. Read More

My Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher - Part 1

"Butterflies… Nerves… Excitement… a tiny bit of genuine fear… all the goings on inside the body and mind of an almost teacher trainee yogi...." Read More

Green Smoothies

We are all so familiar with the old adage 'eat your greens', and we know it makes great sense! But how do we make sure we are getting enough greens and which is the best way to eat them to make the most of the nutrients they contain. Read More



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