Find Your Mantra…

Distractions! They’re everywhere and often they can be a lot of fun. Some days it’s easy to knuckle down to the task at hand and other days focus is a slippery fish! Can you relate?

I can usually tell my mind to stop playing around and get to work but I find the times when I get a little giddy or start daydreaming, it takes a little more effort to centre myself. This happened the other day and in search of a solution, I started thinking about adopting a mantra.

Find your mantra

Mantras can be used to calm the mind in times of worry, harness your inner determination or to simply alter your mood, dispelling negativity and introducing some light and positivity.

Positive Thoughts

They are highly personal. Some people choose to use an intention or build a phrase around their needs, others prefer to choose some of the more spiritual Sanskrit mantras with their ancient meanings. I don’t think there should be any rules around this, choose something that makes you feel good and adjust it as your needs change.

  • Mantras can change your state of mind, mood and thought process.
  • Keep it short, positive and personal.
  • Repeat it several times a day or use it to focus your meditation time.

Dive Deep - Yoga

I’m delighted to say that my mantra is working very well. The act of gently repeating a message to my brain is surprisingly effective and reassuring too. I’m interested to see how my mantra changes as time goes on. I think I’ve found a great new habit!


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