Spoilt for Choice

“Spoilt for Choice”, what a great expression!

Do you, like me, love lots of choice? Who doesn’t feel a little spoilt when presented with a variety of possibilities. In fact, it’s quite relaxing not being forced in any one direction, able to make a decision based solely on your own mood or needs.

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This train of thought came about in a recent yoga class. Our lovely teacher always gives us modifications for many poses, offering more challenges or simpler options depending on our level, injury etc. When offering choices for different asanas, Michelle often says to choose depending on how we are feeling on the day. That really resonated with me this week. I realised that it’s not always about being stronger and reaching higher. There are some days when our bodies (or minds) might need to take it easy, when being gentle might achieve more than pushing further. It’s always great to see improvement but that progress can take many different forms. There is a lot of skill involved in really tuning in to our own needs and to remember that they change from day to day.

Funnily, upon leaving the class, I was presented with another reminder of options. There were samples of a new Low Low non-dairy butter to take home. As someone who sometimes likes to eat vegan I was excited to see the coconut and avocado spreads. We have so much more choice these days, whatever your food preferences may be, it’s quite exciting. We are free to mix and match to find foods and eating styles that suit our lifestyles and individual bodies. I like to eat a certain way during the week but enjoy a more relaxed approach at the weekend, why, because it suits me! That’s what it’s all about.

Low Low Spreads
We know that choice is good but we don’t always remember to allow ourselves lots of options. So, open up the treasure trove of possibility. Give yourself lots of choice, without restriction. Sometimes it might take a step back for some perspective but, if something doesn’t sit right, there is almost always an alternative. Enjoy oodles of variety and grab everything on offer with both hands!

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