Hello there happy yogis. Spring has sprung, doesn’t it feel great… yes I know, a little chillier than we’d like but all those daffodils, don’t they make you smile!

easter bunny

Speaking of things that make you smile, where do you get your happiness inspiration from? Is there someone in your life that motivates you? Do you keep a special Pinterest board for ideas or follow Facebook pages that fill you with enthusiasm?

Now consider this… are all of those influences positive? I hope so. Sibylle recently mentioned something in class that has stayed with me. Do we always recognise the difference between inspiration and competition? Inspiration makes us feel happy, positive and energised… Feeling the need to compete can be a little more negative, making us feel that we’re somehow not up to par.

Don’t get me wrong, a little healthy competition can be just what some people need to get themselves into gear but when that motivation has a poor effect on self-image and confidence, it’s definitely time to look for another place to find your energy.

you are awesome

So many of us are really immersed in social media and we are all bombarded with advertising every day. While this can be a great source of knowledge, communication and inspiration, it’s important to avoid believing all the hype. We often only see the very best of people on these platforms, their great days and happiest moments.

Having said that, the flip side is an endless source of suggestions, guidance and plain feel good pictures. I love Pinterest, follow blogs, find recipes and steal endless ideas from all my favourite sites. My reminder is to always remember how fabulous you are. Be kind to yourself, feel great for the effort YOU make and YOUR achievements, regardless of what others may be doing.

Inspiration involves support, positivity, energy and encouragement. If your muse doesn’t provide this then it might be time to find another one, a better one! I love the boost I get from reading about someone’s achievements or the lift a fabulous picture brings but I always make sure they make me smile.

nourish your soul

If you’re looking for a place to start, check out my Pinterest Yoga or Motivation boards for some ideas.

Here’s to feeling fab every day!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Aisling xx

happy easter


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