Meet Colm, the owner of Yoga Dublin

ColmWalsh2What did you do before opening Yoga Dublin?

I studied Economics & Geography at UCD, I took some time out and travelled to US and Australia, then did a MSc in Environmental Resource Management, also at UCD.

I moved to London with a band I managed, they signed a publishing and record deal. Spent a couple years touring UK, Europe and North America, then moved back to Dublin. Became involved in music & entertainment businesses in Dublin late 90s, ran bars, a restaurant, event management companies. Then became interested in Yoga as a relief for back issues, and enjoyed it more, eventually took up teacher training, travelled to study yoga in London, Greece and India. Ten started teaching in school halls, corporate classes and gyms around Dublin.

What led to opening up your own studios?

The desire to provide an enjoyable experience for both students, and teachers, in a dedicated, clean and comfortable location.

When you first started out did you expect it to grow to the company it is today?

Absolutely not! It was a part-time hobby that turned quickly into a viable business, I thought it might be a fad, like line-dancing.

Why do you not teach any classes at Yoga Dublin?

I have taught yoga for over 15 years, it is extremely rewarding, however, the business cliche of working 'on' the business, not 'in' the business has become true!

Do you miss teaching?

I do, and I still mess around with my kids, and some friends, and go on yoga retreats for my own benefit.

Do you prefer being behind the scenes?
At this stage yes, I have a young family, and find my energy is required behind the scenes more and more.

What have you found to be the most rewarding part about your journey?

Seeing the rise and advancement of yoga into everyday life in Ireland, from Cork to Donegal and in between, it's now a mainstream pursuit, and can only benefit our society

What’s the most challenging aspects of opening and running yoga studios?

Keeping all the plates on sticks spinning at full tilt, all the time, there's no room for errors, or inconsistency. The Irish yoga or pilates client, is now a discerning, and deserving customer, who expects the best!

What do you look forward to in 2016?

I look forward to providing even better facilities and ranges of services at our Ranelagh and Dundrum studios.


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