New Year, Same You

Hi there… Happy 2016!

I know this is a time for resolutions and changes, but before all the hype gets you down, remember, you are fabulous just as you are. That’s a really great starting point for any tweaks you’d like to make throughout the year.

keep calm, fabulous

Sure, we all have a few improvements we’d like to make in some area of our life but how about making this New Year all about building on the positives? If you’re still not convinced, try writing a list of all the things you’re happy with, I bet it will be longer than you think. From there, see what makes you happiest and how you can get MORE of that into your life!

Think of it this way… if healthy food makes you feel better, how do you incorporate more of that into your day to day? (meal planning, finding new recipes, cooking with friends, new funky restaurants). You love spending time as a family? Why not get a new wall calendar and schedule activities to look forward to? Love reading? How about listening to audiobooks on your commute or walk? It’s quite exciting once you consider all the possibilities! Keep your standards high, only the best stuff deserves your precious time!

do what makes you happy

Personally, I’m looking for MORE in 2016, more fun, more yoga, more fresh air and more ways to cook delicious fresh food, more good stuff! I’m looking forward to getting creative and finding new ways to do all those things! Did I mention I’ve just started knitting??? I’ll let you know how that goes :) 

love heart yoga poses

I challenge you each week this year to think of doing something MORE that makes you happy. It can be tiny or huge but the effort of finding that one little thing might just have a big effect!

I love using Pinterest to find new ideas for everything from food to DIY, yoga and travel. If you’d like a head start you can check out some of my favourite stuff at

Whatever ways you find to make this a happy 2016, I hope the year brings you fun, success and lots of opportunities to laugh! Have a great year and thanks for reading! Xx

2016 Happy New Year


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