Stretchy not Spooky!


Halloween is coming!

It’s a fun time of year that brings back great memories of parties, trick or treating and of course, the thrill of dressing up.

It was very cute seeing all the kids dressed up on their way to school on Friday morning, ready for ghostly games and anticipating their holidays.

Speaking of all things spooky, when I tell people of my love of yoga, they often react as if the practice is something only for “certain types”, a bit mysterious and “out there”. This is when I try to convince them to just try a class, promising that they’ll love it.

The other advice I give newbies is that if they don’t love one class, try another and I think that applies to all of us. Find a class time, location and teacher that suits you. Teaching styles vary, as does the feel and pace of a class.

There is a lot of fun to be had finding your favorite style or just trying something new to change things up a bit. Adapt your yoga to your mood, tune in to how you feel and move accordingly, the results are wonderful!


For all of us that have heard strange rumours and unfounded doubts… here is some yoga myth busting:

1. I’m not skinny or flexible enough.

Yes, yoga may conjure an image of a smoothie drinking, lycra clad gym bunny but one of the fabulous things about yoga is its accessibility. There are so many classes of varying styles and levels available that it’s easy to start slowly and build up your practice at your own pace.

Teachers will always advise you to pay attention to your limits and offer modifications on any tricky poses. It is so rewarding to feel yourself progress over time, and with yoga there’s always something new to learn, no matter how long you have been practicing.

It’s useful to remember that everyone’s body type is different and flexibility levels vary accordingly. Everyone will have their own favourite and challenging (dreaded) pose. Smoothies are optional!

2. It’s not “proper” exercise.

Anyone who says this has never tried hot yoga or a strong Vinyasa class! Yoga is known to improve flexibility, balance and strength, essential to overall fitness and you’ll definitely work up a sweat in high intensity classes.

Even if you choose a more gentle option, working slowly with your own body weight is hugely beneficial. Other positive benefits include deeper relaxation and focus and what I refer to as wonderful “yoga sleep”.

3. It’s too hippy dippy for me!

Yoga is an activity which engages the mind body and spirit and it can be adapted so that you get from it what you need. That can range from simple stress relief or a good workout to deep meditation and introspection. Yoga is for everyone, from kids to seniors and the great thing is that it can be enjoyed anywhere too.

4. I have to be ultra-healthy to be a yogi

Yogis are a fabulous blend of vegans, carnivores, chocoholics and salad lovers… the one thing they have in common is their love of practicing yoga. There are no prerequisites and no judgement, just time on the mat and the odd giggle to yourself as you totter off balance occasionally!

To do yoga you just have to be yourself, it’s all about you! Kale and chanting are optional but who knows, you might like them!



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