Christmas Edition!

Oooh, Christmas is in the (strangely mild) air. I hope all your preparation is going according to plan and there isn’t too much last minute running around on the cards this weekend… yoga breathing while waiting in line really does keep the “get out of my way now” inside your head (hee hee)! Read More

Winter Bright

How is your November going? Are you enjoying cosying up with hot chocolate and snuggy socks or are you missing the summer months? Like it or loath it, one thing is for sure, winter brings with it shorter days and less opportunity to get out into the sunshine. The early evenings are fine with me but I could really do without the dark mornings. I’m much more motivated to get “up and at ‘em” when it’s bright outside. I’ve been trying to tell myself that my pre-dawn runs are my “quiet me time” but I’m not sure I’m totally convinced! Read More

Yoga Props

I have to admit, I can sometimes be a bit of a big kid in yoga class. Try a new balance? Oooh yes (try not to giggle as I fall over)! Inversions (or my attempts) can feel a bit like playing, maybe it’s the excitement of the challenge. Likewise, when our teacher asks us to take some props (blocks, belts, blankets, bolsters) I get curious about what that class will bring! Read More

Stretchy not Spooky!

Halloween is coming! It’s a fun time of year that brings back great memories of parties, trick or treating and of course, the thrill of dressing up. It was very cute seeing all the kids dressed up on their way to school on Friday morning, ready for ghostly games and anticipating their holidays. Read More

The Art of Stillness

You might consider this a funny title for a yoga blog post… yoga is all about movement and stretching, isn’t it? Well, yes but it is so much more. It was during a class this week that I started pondering how sometimes it takes effort to just be still. Yes, I’m aware that I was supposed to be clearing my mind and focusing on my breathing… see, my point exactly! Read More

Think…. More!

It’s that time of year again. September is looming, the kids are going back to school and people naturally start thinking about a change in routine and fresh starts. When we think of improving different aspects of our lifestyle, we often think about what we should stop doing or give up. This approach can be unsettling and make us focus on depravation and what we’ll miss. Read More

Random Enthusiasm

How’s your August going? Have you managed to find sunshine and long, lazy afternoons? Hope so! It’s fun to mix things up a bit so I thought it was time for another Random Enthusiasm post where I share some of the stuff that has been making me happy lately. Join the fun and jump in with your comments and suggestions below. Read More

Go With Your Gut

How often to you trust your gut feeling? That subconscious niggle that points you in a certain direction, for no apparent reason. I’ve learnt to do this over the years, to go with my intuition and trust that little voice inside my head. Turns out, it’s usually right! Read More

Sultry Sunshine

Hot summer weather may be acting a little coy and elusive here at home but it’s the season for sunshine, warm sand and glowing skin. Glowing being the desired hue, rather than pink and flaky! Read More

Sunshine Food…

Every day for the last few weeks I have passed beautiful Killiney Beach on the train as part of my commute. Most mornings I think of how good it would feel to dive into the sparkling sea and one of these days I’m just going to grab my towel and go. It might be cold but worth it for the fun alone! Read More



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