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Ana F Fernandez
Ana got into Yoga over 15 years ago as a way to recover her flexibility as she used to be an international gymnast in her youth. Then she discovered that yoga goes much deeper than just flexibility so her journey began.
Ana completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow training with David Curtis followed by her Level 2 Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training. Her yoga practice brought perspective and calmness to her life and she wanted to bring that to other parts of her life too.
When she got pregnant she became a Yoga Alliance and Sitaram Certified Instructor in Pregnancy Yoga training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.
After experiencing the benefits of yoga in her life before, during and after pregnancy and labour, she was determined to ensure her kids would get into yoga earlier in life. Ana completed her Rainbow Kids and Family Teacher Training.
Teaching kids and family yoga has been a joy! Kids are such amazing teachers and they keep you on your toes!
She loves bringing aspects of her pregnancy, kids and family yoga into her vinyasa classes to make them fun and different!
I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.
Murielle & Sebastian .
Murielle Burellier

Murielle’s yoga journey began in London early 90’s when she discovered a old yoga book in a second hand shop. It ignited a deep interest for this practice that led to attending regular classes over the years experimenting with different styles like Hatha, Iyengar and Prana Flow, she certified as a Yoga Teacher in 2004 at International Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Ashram.

She first came across Yin Yoga in London first attending a class of Sarah Powers in 2006, then took a longer training with Victor Chng in 2009 and later studied with Paul and Suzee Grilley (Initiators of Yin Yoga) in Singapore, Kho Samui and California deepening her understanding and practice in this form of yoga, she still develops and expands her knowledge on the spiritual path with her natural and discerning intuition.

She is naturally drawn to a meditative and contemplative approach, after studying Vajrayana“The Diamond Way” for over 5 years in London, Murielle feel innately connected to the Buddha's teaching rather than any particular school, adopting the practice of Yin Yoga to implement her aspiration and research on the spiritual path. Her approach is gentle and compassionate focusing on the breath, letting go and letting be, which encompasses so well the essence of the Yin-Yoga practice.

She has also studied Prenatal Yoga with Pujiastuti Sindhu and offers a safe class environment to bring a sense of well being and connection during this important transition time of childbearing.

Based in between South-East Asia and Europe Murielle has been teaching for the past years in different Yoga venues to students from all walks of life and co-teaches with Sebastian in all the different Yoga events.


Sebastian Pucelle

Studying Yoga since 1995, his personal journey through Yoga started with Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin-Yoga.

For the past 3 decades, Sebastian has practiced Martial Art, Shiatsu, Yoga and Meditation, refining and stabilizing his research to the study of Yin-Yoga as a foundation, to sustain and promote a holistic life-style. Combining western anatomy and meridians theory approach, the practice of Yin Yoga comes to be a potent healing, and psycho-spiritual system.

Discovering Yin Yoga in London with Sarah Powers in 2006 at Triyoga Studio, Sebastian was inspired to integrate a more contemplative/meditative mind in his Yoga Practice, in 2009 he came across the training and engaging work of Victor Chng, consolidating his interest in the learning of the quiet practice. For the past years Sebastian continues his study under the prominent expertise and fun-loving teaching of Paul & Suzee Grilley (Initiators of Yin-Yoga).

Sebastian’s teaching is enhanced by 8 years of experience as a body therapist (qualified Shiatsu practitioner) and Martial art, (nidan in Taido, Japanese Martial art).

Another major influence is until now the study of Buddhism. His main enthusiasm since 2002 is the practice of Vipassana (Goenka Style) and Samatha Meditation (Ayya Khema & Pak Auk Sayadaw Method) or concentration meditation. (Tina Rasmussen & Stephen Snyder) as well as exploring Samatha from a Tibetan Buddhist approach, with practices such as Settling the Mind in his natural state or Awareness of Awareness (Alan Wallace).

Eva Du
Eva's first meeting with yoga was at the age of nine, through the influence of her Mother's and a far-flung trip to India. It was here that an initial interest in following a 'yogic path' was first sparked or set. However it wasn't until many years later that this path was nurtured and truly embraced.
Dipping in and out of different forms of yogic practice,  in both Raja and Hatha styles it wasn't until a yearlong residency in India that Eva felt she truly found home. 
Here she began the practice of Ashtanga yoga and soon qualified as an instructor in Ashtanga yoga
with her teacher Vijay Kumar in Mysore, India.
Here in Ireland, Eva teachers a fun and dynamic class whilst encouraging students to reconnect with themselves through breath and body awareness.
Olivia King
Olivia was first introduced to yoga as a child in primary school and has been hooked ever since. She qualified as a vinyasa flow and hath yoga teacher in August 2015 after studying in Suryailia with master teacher Vidya Jacqueline Heisel.
She will always be a student and continues to learn and develop her practice. She has been lucky enough to practice with some of the best teachers in the world including Faith Hunter, Annie Carpenter and Tara Stiles.
Students can expect a practice which is empowering, challenging and informative. Through creative and evolving sequences, you will discover what your body is capable of, in a playful non-competitive way. Olivia's classes build strength, flexibility and balance. Always featuring a healthy dose of humour, inspiration and consistent focus on breath. You will leave feeling relaxed, open and invigorated.
Robyn Fitzpatrick
Robyn recently touched back down in Dublin having spent four years in Australia working as a full time Pilates and Yoga Instructor. Having been in the health and fitness industry for over eight years she is thrilled to share her natural love of movement and flow. Robyn teaches from a background of Pilates, Bikram Yoga and Boot Camp and is certified in Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, Personal Training, Kettlebells, TRX and Spin making her classes extraordinary!
Robyn started yoga and Pilates ten years ago and instantly fell in love with the grace and beauty of the movements. Since then she has embodied all things Yoga and Pilates into her life and enjoys to share her passion through teaching. Robyn invites students to move with freedom in their form and softness in their strength as her classes are filled with warmth, encouragement and positivity. She has a firm belief that we are all unique, all looking for different results, with different bodies, different habits and different lives.
John McGuire
John's yoga journey commenced in 1999 when he was on the brink of having to have major back surgery as a result of disc, trapped nerve problems caused by a bad fall while playing squash. The chances of a successful outcome were not good and, as a last resort, the Sports Injury Consultant recommended a three month programme of intensive traction which luckily reduced the pressure on the nerves very considerably …. and to an extent with which he could live. The Consultant recommended that he practice Pilates intensively to strengthen his abdominal muscles so as to provide a corset of protection for my lower back and spine.
He attended Pilates classes at the Westwood Gym in Leopardstown and they worked wonders in terms of me building up a strong core. At around that time, the Gym started to offer yoga classes which he attended out of curiosity and began to practice with his very first yoga teacher, the wonderful Yvonne Treacy. For a time, he continued with the Pilates but then migrated totally to yoga. While working in Smithfield, he started to attend yoga classes in the Elbow Room where he came in contact with a number of inspirational teachers such as Dave Curtis, Anthony Kearney and Tanya Fitzpatrick.
In 2009, John changed his work place to South Dublin and joined Yoga Dublin in Ranelagh where Dave Curtis and Anthony Kearney were also teaching. In 2013, he decided to participate in a three-year Teacher Training Programme under the guidance of Dave Curtis and was delighted to become a certified teacher in 2016.
During his two decade yoga journey, John has practiced Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and more recently, Shadow Yoga. He is delighted to be still practicing week in week out with Yvonne, Dave and Anto.
Nicole Byrne
Nicole is a qualified Zumba Fitness Instructor and ZIN member. Nicole has been dancing since the tender age of four, with classical ballet and contemporary dance being her main disciplines. She is a member of Coisceim Creative Steps Contemporary Dance Company and has Advanced Certificates in classical ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance. Nicole has incorporated dance into her academic study, focusing her undergraduate research and dissertation on dance and social inclusion, in particular the experience of dance for older people.
When Nicole discovered Zumba Fitness she was hooked! She found it the ideal way to keep in shape and release stress while having lots of fun. Nicole is currently a postgraduate Social Work student, again incorporating dance and fitness into her area of study. She continues to teach Zumba Fitness classes as a form of dance that is accessible to everyone, whatever their age, ability or fitness level.
Benjamin Hart
Benjamin is a Texas-Born World-Resident with a life-long relationship to Movement and Energy. A student of theatre, dance, and gymnastics since the age of four, he enjoyed early employment as an Afterschool Caregiver, Summer Daycamp Educator, Swim Instructor & Lifeguard, and Theater Director.
His yoga teaching practice initially blossomed in the sand and sun of Barcelona after being a 7-year student in Los Angeles & New York City. Benjamin earned his RYT 200hr Yoga Teacher certificate in Dallas and came directly to Paris following Love and Life's Adventures. He has since gained additional Reiki Level One Initiation, as well as 300hr, Kids, and Partner Yoga Certifications through the family of Rainbow Yoga Trainings.
Benjamin truly believes that yoga is an opportunity to unite with the Divine elements of ourselves and each other through joy-filled concentration. Laughter, amusement, and affirmation are all powerful ways of being present and are qualities that Benjamin aims to include whenever teaching both children and adults. Playing together as we exercise the Spirit, Mind, and Body to function in harmony is an incredible gift that we give ourselves. It is such an honour to be part of a tribe who treasures that Light which shines every one of us!
Amy-Louise Soraghan

Amy's approach to Yoga is to incorporate a dynamic, grounded and nurturing style of teaching. Her practice focuses on building strength and flexibility whilst creating a meditative flow through asana with emphasis on breath and alignment.
A firm believer in practicing what she teaches, Amy continues to seek the advice of great teachers to expand her knowledge, deepen her own practice and pass this on to others. She believes in exploring life and using yoga as a means of re-connecting to the truth present within us all.
Her classes are designed to offer a space for exploration and connection with the body, mind and soul.
Kate L Lynch
Kate started practicing yoga in 2006 and was immediately drawn to the strength and dynamism of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System in the lineage of Sri Pattabhi Jois.
In 2012 Kate began to practice under the guidance of David Curtis, completing Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training over a two year period in 2015, and with whom she continues to study Shadow Yoga.
Establishing a regular yoga practice has had a profound effect on Kate’s life both physically and mentally. She feels privileged to have had the opportunity to develop her practice under the expert guidance of her teachers, and aspires to share the many benefits of yoga with others.
Grace James
With a background in dance and gymnastics, movement has always played a key role in Grace's life. Working a high pressure, stress-filled job, yoga became Grace's release, her reset button. Having noticed such incredible benefits not only to her fitness but also to her mental health and wellbeing, Grace resolved to share this feeling with others. She truly believes that yoga is for everyone and can help create balance and perspective in our daily lives. She completed her teacher training with Yoga Dublin. Expect a mindful flow with some strength and alignment work :)
Grace is also a Dance Teacher, a Gymnastics Coach and has studied Pilates and Sports Acro.
Aisling OT O'Toole
Aisling believes that yoga really is for everyone, and brings this conviction to her classes with a light-hearted approach and strong commitment to ensuring each student gets the most from their time on the mat, no matter what their ability.
Through proper alignment principles and encouraging students to find their own way into poses, Aisling’s classes are challenging, satisfying and bring together elements from many different disciplines.
Aisling is a yoga teacher, Pilates instructor and Somatic Movement Student

Twitter: @otoolelebon

Leanne Cummins
Leanne started pole dancing around five years ago. Initially she took it up as a way to have a bit of random fitness fun as well as doing something for herself by herself./ She immediately loved it but took a break to live abroad and finish studying. When she came back to pole she realized that for her it would be best to go to class more than once a week, so she went looking for other studios and classes. This is when things became serious for her! She began working hard on her strength and flexibility, taking as many classes as she could, focusing on being a better poler.
Somehow she worked up the courage to compete in Pole Princess Ireland 2013. This competition is perfect for anyone looking to compete for the first time – and Leanne won in the Intermediate Category! She quickly found her own style, performed in The George and at charity events, for music videos, with live bands, filming show reels and photo shoots. She went on to compete in Pole Theatre Ireland 2014, and UKAPP 2014 (where she won the title of Semi-Pro Champion – still one of her favorite routines!), and Pole Theatre Ireland 2015 (where she won the Professional Drama category).
Competitions have always given her something to work towards, but when she started teaching she began loving pole in a whole new way. Being able to pass on any knowledge that she has is amazing to her, and she found herself growing and improving in ways that she hadn’t done as a student. She took the Xpert Instructor Training Course which had a huge impact on the way she perceived instructing for pole. For her now pole is definitely about instructing others as much as training herself.
Her personal style of pole has been described as “pretty-freaky” – she
definitely like to create characters and use her flexibility to make things quite weird! But she loves strength moves too, and a balance of both is what she am working towards. There is so much strength in flexibility anyway, and so much beauty in all styles of pole dance that she would never want to limit myself to any one or two ways of moving.
When Leanne is not pole dancing she's usually thinking about pole, or talking about it. Or saving photos and videos to try later. She also loves to read and watch films – she's actually a huge nerd and can often be found reading a book while waiting for a movie to start! She's a big pole nerd too, she usually knows who did what is which competition and what song they used too. Pole has really changed her life – before she took it up she was incredibly unhealthy and extremely underweight. All of that has changed, and on the way she has met many incredible people, and learnt a lot about herself and others. Leanne hopes it can do amazing things for you too.
Elaine McGovern
Elaine discovered yoga in 2004 and has been a passionate and avid practitioner for the past 13 years. She completed her 200 hours teacher training in 2016 with Naomi Sturdy and Sibylle Dallman at YogaDublin. She believes that yoga is a lifetime practice which provides many benefits in our everyday life. Her teaching practice focuses on creating a deep connection with the body and exploring the physical and mental space that can be accessed on the mat.
Linda Delaney
Linda took her first yoga class over 10 years ago, on advice from her physiotherapist, to work on relaxing her muscles and fell in love with the movement, breath and focus of yoga. She describes finding yoga as her "light bulb moment".

Along with her regular practice, Linda attended numerous yoga retreats around the world and following an amazing retreat in Bali she decided to become a yoga teacher. She completed her 200 hour training with The YogaHub here in Dublin and also qualified as a prenatal yoga teacher with barefoot yoga in Lucan.
Linda's energy is in her laugh and her smile and she brings a light heartiness and ease to her classes while also focusing on the dynamics of strength and flexibility in the practice.
Through her own journey, Linda believes in the power that yoga brings to healing the body and relaxing the mind.
Helene Kamalandua
Helene holds a Master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Dijon, France. She has been teaching Nutrition for two years and Anatomy and Physiology for nine years. She is passionate about empowering people to make the right food choices to lead healthful lives.
Teaching Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition allows her to remain up to date with the latest research in these fields, and this informs both her practice and her teaching.
We have to eat at least three times a day and this should be an enjoyable experience, that also ensures we remain healthy. However, in the rush of life and at a time when we are confronted with many mixed messages about nutrition and health, this is not always the case.
Some small changes to our diet can make an incredible difference to our energy levels and help us to enjoy life to the full.

Contact details:

Steve Gunn


Steve had been practicing Yoga for a number of years and decided to spend a month in India and complete a 200hour teacher training course in Sampoorna Yoga School in Agonda, Goa in January 2016.


This was one of the best decisions Steve ever made and being immersed in Yoga every day was a perfect way to spend a month. The weather and the beach was nice too.


Steve mainly studied Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow spending time on Alignment Anatomy and philosophy too.


On Steve’s return he developed a strong hour long flow which builds to a peak and gradually eases into a relaxing finish.


Steve kept up his teaching practice with family and friends since his return and teaches a Vinyasa class in the Trinity College Gym on Tuesday evenings, a lunch time class with Probabtion officers in Mount Joy Prison on Thursday afternoons occasional cover classes in The Elbow Room and has a number of private clients.

Andrea Mc McGee
Health and wellness has been a huge part of Andrea’s life from an early age. Born in London, Andrea trained in ballet before moving to Dublin where she competed in a variety of sports such as hockey, tennis, basketball and running.
After the birth of her first daughter in 2009, exercise became an integral part of her daily routine and helped her to cope with daily stresses. Pilates was not her first choice of exercise, however, after suffering from back pain following two pregnancies she quickly discovered what a powerful tool it was. Pilates complements all forms of exercise, helping you to slow down and become in complete control of every part of the body.
Andrea is qualified in pre- and postnatal, beginner to advanced Pilates, small equipment, Pilates for the ageing population, healing diastais rectus and barre concept. Andrea loves to learn and continues her education to update her skills.
Andrea S Scott
Andrea is a qualified Stott Mat Pilates instructor. 
Her background is twenty years of movement; dance, physical theatre, and movement training.
Since a pregnancy rendered her with the debilitating pelvic girdle pain and as pilates was the only cure she decided to immerse herself in training in order to help others become pain and injury free. Andrea is passionate about the benefits of pilates and love passing it on to class participants.
Denise E Estrada
Denise's interest in Pilates started, in part, with her passion for artistic gymnastics as a girl, in consequence she became a coach at FEGA in Spain in 1993. She then went on to teach gymnastics to after-school students and at the gymnastics club where she trained.

Being too old for competition at 18 years of age Denise started jazz classes at a dancing school and went on to dance competitively. She also began choreographing shows and events.

Denise qualified with FEDA & AEFA in Fitness and Exercise which qualifies her to teach Aerobics, Step, Combat and Body Sculpt. She also achieved a qualification to teach ZUMBA in 2010 and in the same year gained a qualification with IWS as a Swimming coach.

After an accident where she suffered from a back injury Denise started a lot of physiotherapy and eventually Pilates.

Denise liked Pilates not just because of it's benefits during her recovery, but she found there were a lot of similarities between Pilates and gymnastics. She started teaching Pilates in 2009 in Dublin in various gyms, in studios and private classes. She has empathy and understanding for each pupil individually and a great will to help each person to improve their fitness level. Qualified with BBU in Mat & Reformer Pilates 2009.

Her actual aim is to move all her focus to Pilates Reformer and improve as a teacher everyday little by little and help others improve their physical aptitudes and lifestyle.

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