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Sinead D Dunne
Sinead's professional objective is to truly inspire her students through the practice of yoga, building a trust and rapport both on/off the mat. To guide her students through an exploration of the body, breath and mind connection – in order to empower themselves against the daily trials and tribulations of life. To make them sweat and laugh! To develop flexibility and strength whilst weaving some yoga history/ philosophy throughout our practices together. Primarily she want to help bring a little peace into our crazy world and ultimately…
Jenny Keane
Jenny is a yoga teacher bent on moving people to play both on and off the mat.

Her passion for the way the body moves and works is infectious. Drawing inspiration from many forms of movement and healing modalities her classes are designed to change and move with the students that are in them. The class is FOR you! Whether through fiery playful Vinyasa flows, meditative Hatha movement, or in the soothing silence of Yin, you are encouraged to move from the heart with skillful awareness and joy. Jenny shares her practice at home and abroad, teaching classes, leading workshops, intensive training's and spreading integrative heart felt healing. On a mission to make people SMILE MORE, believing laughter is the best core exercise there is, you will most likely find that frown turned upside down.
Brian Malone
Brian first found yoga when he happened to move in next door to a studio in Brisbane, and has been devoted to his practice ever since. Lucky to have learned from some amazing teachers in Australia, Dublin and India, Brian completed his teacher training at Siddhi Yoga in Goa in 2015. While attempting to create fluid, flowing sequences, he like to encourage intuition in his classes, focusing on how the poses feel to the individual rather than getting tied to a particular aesthetic.
Rani (yogarani) Sheilagh
Facilitating health and wellness since 2000, Rani Sheilagh teaches and guides yoga, mindful movement, meditation, breath and body-mind practices and under the ‘Yogarani’ name with dynamic, creative and playful sessions, workshops, events and experiences.

Rani Sheilagh (yogarani) has a reputation as a Joy Generator, a Guide & Innovator of "be happy feel good" with many years of experience bringing her and her clients "beyond yoga" and the initial "Yogarani" roots to now share and empower with a comprehensive approach to health, happiness and wellness.

She has several senior level yoga teacher certifications and has gained one of the highest international yoga qualifications available as a 'Yoga Elder.' Certification and recognition from IYN (Independent Yoga Network) as a ‘Yoga Elder’ requires 5,000 hours or more of direct and documentable teaching experience.

Rani_Sheilagh_with Godfrey_DevereuxWith 20+ years of experience, Rani is grateful to have had the opportunity to travel extensively studying, assitant teaching and developing with some of the most respected teachers and practitioners from India, Europe, USA and around the globe. With special mention and appreciation of Godfrey Devereux and the Dymanic Yoga teaching method.

Rani’s expert knowledge of the body-mind relationship and her invitation to immediate and somatically-driven (body sensory based) experiences personally empower deep and direct embodiment into the roots of human experience, supporting well-being, and whole-life vitality.

As an artist and creative thinker with a BFA degree and Masters Degree (MPS), Rani also utilises the exploration of our innate creativity and expression as a transformative tool to support wellness sustainably. Having worked creatively in many business and cultural sectors, she has a direct understanding of life demands and the varied challenges we can face in striving to find balance.

Moving away from orthodox and restrictive approaches towards experiencing joy, life's pleasures, the spontaneous and free; her inspirational & contemporary approach incorporates the classical foundations of yoga, meditation, body-mind focus, breath practices, mindful movement, and more! And her fresh, balanced, approach to food, delicious eating and cooking is free of restrictive diets and rules.

Rani Sheilagh's guidance, shared ventures and experiences support your Health, Happiness, Wellness and Lifestyle Empowerment to BE HAPPY FEEL GOOD!


Rani has scheduled some "HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE MOON" Workshops in Yoga Dublin, Ranelagh in the coming months.

Siobhan Seville

Siobhán Seville,
Licentiate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (ICTCM)
Cert. Acupuncture (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)

Siobhán Seville is a graduate of the Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has completed advanced training in acupuncture in the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She is a fully qualified, registered and insured acupuncturist, member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA) and the Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN).

Throughout the years, Siobhán has studied with world renowned lecturers such as: Jani White, Debra Betts, Jane Lyttleton, Sarah Budd, Daverick Leggett, Julian Scott, and others. Having completed the essential gynaecology, endocrinology, fertility treatment protocols, pregnancy and obstetrics modules, Siobhán joined the Acupuncture Fertility Network due to her vast experience and expertise in the field of acupuncture for fertility, IVF enhancement and pregnancy.

Siobhán is the Clinical Director of the Acupuncture Clinic in Dundrum and also TCM Ireland’s Co-Founder and Co-Director, alongside Sandro Graca. Their work and expertise has made TCM Ireland a recognised and reputable entity in the field of acupuncture for fertility, IVF enhancement and pregnancy care in Ireland.

The main focus and commitment will always be on providing expert, professional and affordable care to all patients attending the clinics. For more details, please visit


Siobhán Seville

Phone: 0872320994


Niamh P Pollins

Niamh is an avid yogi. After two years traveling, working and practicing in New York and South America, Niamh has finally returned home to the Emerald Isle.

Niamh has an invested interest in Human Rights and Women's Rights. She is passionate about making the world a more peaceful place, and feels that yoga and meditation are important factors in achieving that goal.

She is excited to be part of the yoga community and is looking forward to getting to know everyone at Yoga Dublin!

Hannah R Ryan
Sports Massage Therapist/ Swedish Masseuse/ Pilates Mat Work/ Pilates Ballet Barre/ Pilates Bone Health/ Pilates Group Classes/ Corporate Pilates

Johanna comes from a background of Anatomy & physiology, Tango and the love of both wholesome movement and food. Johanna’s main concern is that people work within their specific limits and really understand how to use their bodies to improve range of motion where necessary and eliminate pain for good.

“Every single person is different so no two treatments will ever be exactly the same”.

Johanna’s Mission: To give you experience of taking control of your body, preventing injury, creating good posture and strengthening from the core for long lasting results.
Johanna specialises in Pilates with a focus on realignment and strength.

Marie Lefranc
 Marie studied osteopathy at IPEO school (now EO Paris), which is a university certified by the french health minister. During five years, she learnt all osteopathic practices such as soft tissue or cracking techniques.
After graduating Marie created and opened her own surgery in a health center in Paris where she worked with different sport associations and clubs but also in partnership with a midwife.

Cost: €60 - per consultation

To contact Marie or arrange an appointment you can ring or email her at:

Phone number: 083 807 6833



Shubha Naidu
Coming from India, Shubha Naidu sees yoga as the way of life.
She has learned yoga from institutes affiliated by Yoga Alliance, USA. She is a qualified yoga instructor for adults and children. Having learnt yoga from Aayana Yoga Academy and a1000 Yoga Institute in Bangalore, she is gratified to share her knowledge of yoga.
Being a business woman, freelance writer and yoga instructor, all at the same time, she believes it is yoga that keeps her going strong.
Shubha did her training under the tutelage of highly experienced yoga practitioners and she brings forward their teachings in her classes.
She is currently teaching at different yoga spaces in Dublin. She conducts Vinyasa and Hatha yoga classes.
Lourda Scott

Certified to teach Meditation, Youth Mindfulness, Kids Yoga and Prenatal Yoga

Lourdas first introduction to Meditation was when she first started Yoga fourteen years ago and was in fact the part of the class she disliked the most! She just didn’t get the whole lying still and wanted to get up and DO something!


As tends to happen though, life threw a few curve balls over the years leading to periods of stress and insomnia and while Yoga helped her deal with this to a degree, she didn’t always have time to devote to practice. It wasn’t until I stumbled across a Foundation course in Mindfulness Meditation in the Dublin Buddhist Centre that something really clicked for her. She couldn’t believe how simple the techniques were and immediately felt the benefits of a daily 5 minute practice. For Lourda, the most obvious change was being able to detach herself from her internal commentary and not get caught up in her thoughts. She completed the course wondering why more and more people weren’t doing this and why it was so difficult to find a weekly class to participate in. Since then Lourda has continued meditating at home and continued to obtain a 180 hr Meditation Teaching Diploma with Yoga Ireland - an internationally recognised yoga school. Through this year long course she strengthened her own practice and became passionate about taking the mystery out of meditation and making it accessible to everyone.


Her life took on another path when Lourda became the Mother of a beautiful boy. Her regular practice of Pregnancy Yoga, of which mindfulness played a big part, was of huge benefit throughout pregnancy and birth. She says giving birth is really like a marathon meditation session as you stay focused on your breath and in the present moment for hours on end. She subsequently became a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Approved School, ‘The Elbowroom’ and love sharing what she has learnt with other Mamas to be, through such a special, yet often very daunting time in their lives.


As her baby boy was joined by two baby girls she wondered how she could introduce these valuable skills into their lives. As she see them surrounded by technology from the get go she really feels the need as a parent to teach our kids from an early age how to ‘switch off’ and chill out. Having completed Rainbow Kids and Family Yoga Teacher training Lourda continued to train with Mindfulschools and is excited to teach the Mindful Educator curriculum. This research backed mindfulness programme has been taught to over 300,000 students worldwide and Lourda is really excited to pass on this knowledge to kids in her area.

Mary O'Dowd
Need someone to talk to? Take the first step...

Mary O'Dowd, Psychotherapist

BA (Hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy, MIACP, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Certified.


Mary is a qualified and experienced Psychotherapist who helps people deal with a wide range of needs and issues. In addition to private practice, Mary has worked in Pieta House and The Priory. She believes in providing a space where individuals can feel understood, accepted and safe to explore their feelings in a confidential setting. Mary aims to help individuals develop new thinking patterns and coping skills that can bring positive change to their lives.

Areas of Special Focus:

Relationship Difficulties, Depression, Anxiety, General Counselling, Teenage/Adolescent Issues, Self Esteem Issues.

Main Approaches:
Person-Centred, Psychodynamic and Integrative.

Phone: 087 264 7165
Yoga Dublin Studios, Ranelagh - 28A Dartmouth Rd, Dublin 6

€60 per session

Jess Oatway
Yogajess's journey was born out of work related stress and back pain! She was working in a stressful job and noticed that after sitting at her desk for 3 to 4 hours without moving, her back would really start to hurt. So she found a Vinyasa yoga class near to her work and started going…(religiously) ….every Monday. She was hooked!
She started to REALLY get stressed in work which was taking over in her downtime as well and noticed that during yoga practice her concentration and breathing were so focused and calm she would forget about work and her mind felt peaceful and spacious. The anxious feeling disappeared.
Jess decided she wanted to learn more about the practice, have it as part of her everyday life and to introduce other people to yoga. She trained to become a teacher and completed her YTT 200hrs under the tutelage of Sibylle Dalmain and Naomi Sturdy at Yoga Dublin.
She soon realised that while a lot of people knew about yoga and wanted to try it, there was a feeling of fear and intimidation to go to the first classes. Her goal is to take those fears away. You can expect to be pushed and to have a sense of achievement in Jess's class, feel calm and relaxed but still have fun and a laugh. At the end of the day, we all need to stretch, strengthen, laugh and bring a bit of zen into our hectic lives.
Julie O'Connell
Julie first starting working in YD in 2013 partime. The relaxing atmosphere, Sunday Yin Yoga classes and friendly faces helped her get through study and exam times.
After completing her MSC in Management and Exercise in UCD Julie went on to be part of the Swim Ireland Education Team.
The position of Client Services Manager came about in YD in 2016 so Julie naturally floated back to YD.
Julie is open to any YD membership questions and loves to hear student feedback,
Hannah Partis-Jennings

A lifelong interest in health lead Hannah to Pilates, which she believes to be the perfect form of exercise to compliment everyday living. Having worked in the health food industry for many years, and with a great knowledge of nutrition, she wanted to find an exercise method that would enhance her understanding of the human body and how to maximize strength, health and wellbeing. Pilates, both relaxing and strengthening, was this ideal method. With an ITEC Level Three Diploma in Pilates Teaching, Hannah is delighted to be able to share her enjoyment of Pilates with others.
Sophie Grace
Six years ago Sophie moved to China, she was living in a huge city that was busy, loud and stressful. After a couple of weeks she found yoga and her mat quickly became her happy place and an escape from the craziness of everyday life in China. She soon became hooked and has been on her journey ever since and is loving being able to share her practice. Sophie's favourite thing about yoga is that there is no pressure, no judgement, no expectations: it gives us the space to be ourselves, perfect just the way we are.

Sophie pays great attention to safety and alignment principles in her classes but she take a light-hearted approach and creates a warm and friendly atmosphere where we're all in it together. She always says that we should use the pose to get into the body, not the body to get into the pose and that there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to yoga. She encourages people to tune into their bodies, find their own pace and feel what's right for them. Expect lots of fun transitions, dynamic flows with variations to suit everybody and loads of love from hands-on assists.
She brings her passion and love for teaching to every class and loves teaching a fast-paced Vinyasa Flow class just as much as a gentle and juicy Restorative class, and a bit of everything in between. Her hope is that you leave feeling strong, happy and nourished both inside and out!
Samantha Lee Doyle
Sam is lover of movement. She's a yoga teacher, a rock climber, a cyclist and a bootcamp enthusiast. Her lifestyle supports energy, balance and grounding, she incorporates these elements into her Vinyasa classes.

She is genuine, approachable and inspired by her love of movement.
Her classes are challenging, dynamic and showcase her high energy but also explores restoring and meditation.

Trained in Yandara yoga school in Mexico and has a 8 years yoga practice.
Caoimhe Whelan
Caoimhe is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Cuidiu Breastfeeding Counsellor and mum of three children aged 9, 6 and 3. She is passionate about supporting and empowering women during pregnancy and in the early days of new motherhood, and helping them to have an experience of breastfeeding that they are happy with. Caoimhe is also a fully qualified yoga and pregnancy yoga teacher with 13 years teaching experience, which she brings to her breastfeeding classes.

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