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Elaine M Mulcahy
Elaine was originally a dinghy sailor in her teens and in her twenties. She represented UCD in their team racing events. Core strength, balance and flexibility are essential for competitive sailing and as a result, Elaine developed an interest in this area and qualified as a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor.
During her classes, Elaine focuses on assisting each client with their body awareness and movement patterns. Elaine likes to challenge clients in a supportive manner and exercises are modified to meet the needs of the individual. Various props are used, including resistance rings, soft Pilates balls and flexibands. Elaine provides mat classes to all levels, as well as Pre and Post Natal classes, flexion free classes (for those with certain physical conditions), Barre and Pilates on the Reformer (private classes).
STOTT PILATES is recognised worldwide. It builds on the principles of the late Joseph Pilates work by incorporating more up to date knowledge about the body. The aim is optimal musculoskeletal performance (i.e. strength, flexibility and endurance). This method of exercise helps restore the natural curves of the spine and relieve tension. Above all, classes are designed be enjoyable and leave clients feeling rejuvenated.
Sinead P Prendergast
Sinead Prendergast is a qualified classically trained homeopath, Usui Reiki Master and Teacher and Kundalini Reiki Master and Teacher. She is also a qualified Shamanic Practitioner and has done training in Deep Listening and in systemic constellations, a form of family constellation therapy.
She is also a qualified CEASE therapist. CEASE stands for complete elimination of autistic spectrum expression and is used to treat not only autism but other chronic diseases caused by toxicity.
Sinead qualified as a pharmacist and owned her own pharmacy for five years.
She also has a degree in commerce, a masters in accountancy and qualified as a chartered accountant.
It was through her own illnesses and life challenges that Sinead came to holistic healing.
Homeopathy and Reiki are gentle yet powerful methods of healing which use the body's own healing power.
Homeopathy uses natural remedies to stimulate the body's immune system. It can be used during pregnancy and with very young children as well as people who are generally sensitive. It can be used all the way through to old age.
People commonly use homeopathy for stress, anxiety, depression, menstrual disorders, fatigue, headaches and a host of other conditions. It uses natural remedies in pill or liquid form.
To contact Sinead or arrange an appointment you can ring or email her at;

Phone: 085 1221640



Aine K Kerrigan
Áine Kerrigan aka “The Yoga Bear” is an RYS500 qualified yoga teacher having completed 500 hours teacher training with Yoga Therapy Ireland. Áine teaches yoga with an emphasis on safety, alignment and moving mindfully. First introduced to the world of yoga in 2005, her interest derived from the desire to balance out a busy lifestyle. Finding a new level of stillness, Áine is now on a mission to share the benefits of yoga with children and adults alike. Excited to have discovered the path of yoga, she will continue her studies by attending various teacher trainings, workshops and retreats in an effort to continuously improve her classes.
Aisling R Ryan
Aisling began practicing yoga in 2010 while completing her degree in order to cope with stress. She found yoga to be calming and of great benefit to both mind and body.

Her love of yoga grew and in 2014 she began taking workshops with local teachers and international practitioners. In 2015 she completed a 200hr Vinyasa Flow, teacher training course with the Absolute Yoga Academy in Thailand. She studied under world acclaimed, Michel Besnard and graduated with all the skills required to teach and to safely share her love of yoga with her students. The disciplines she studied included the ashtanga primary series, sequencing, yoga anatomy, safe adjustments, philosophy, pranayama and meditation.

Aislings classes are fun filled and creative. In teaching yoga she hopes to pass on the knowledge and happiness to her students that she has gained from her own practice and training. Her classes are also mentally and physically challenging and she helps and encourages her students to develop their personal practice so that they too can experience the joys and benefits of yoga.

"Regular yoga practice invigorates and strengthens you mind and body. It promotes good physical and mental well-being.”
Karen Sheridan
Karen is a 250 hour certified Hatha yoga instructor, having completed her training in the Elbowroom, Dublin, in the summer of 2016. She received a BA in Drama from Trinity College, Dublin, and went on to study music in London. She has since toured and recorded as a musician for a number of years. With the adrenaline that goes hand in hand with performing and sharing your songs with others, she looked for something to ground her day-to-day life and found it in the form of yoga. Feeling curious to learn as much as possible, she signed up to train as a yoga teacher in 2015 and has traveled throughout India, experiencing yoga at its source. Her passion lies in blending dynamic flow with restorative practices, emphasizing alignment and breath work. Her classes are a combination of everything she has learnt and loved about yoga from all the amazing guidance she has received so far!
Miriam Mc Donald
Miriam McDonald has over 10 years’ experience in working with clients at an individual level.
She is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Coach and is member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners, The Irish Register of Herbalists and The Association for Coaching in Ireland.
Specialisms include stress management, anxiety, insomnia, energy and vitality, digestion and immunity. She uses a common sense approach, based on sound scientific research. Using a combination of nutritional advice, herbs and coaching support, she works with clients to help them be as healthy as they can and to enjoy life to the full.
Contact Miriam for prices and a consultation:
Stef Shatsky
Stef started meditating during college in order to increase her focus and find more tranquility in her busy life. She soon found that yoga was an excellent moving meditation and has since been a dedicated yogi. After completing her BSc in Animal Biology back in Canada, she moved to Dublin to study Veterinary Medicine at UCD, and is also currently working towards a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Stef loves being part of a yoga community and is delighted to be working at Yoga Dublin Studios!
Grainne O' O'Driscoll
Since competing at a provincial and national level in athletics as a teenager, fitness has been a constant and important part of Gráinne’s life. She first qualified as a fitness instructor over twenty years ago and holds an EQF Level 4 certification from NTC in Fitness instruction and Personal Training.

Her passion for Pilates developed in more recent years, with the need for an exercise system that could assist with injury prevention and rehab and is suitable for all ages. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork (incl. small equipment and special populations) from NTC.


Sibylle & Naomi .

Drawing from a combined teaching experience of more than 20 years and a mutual love for their profession Sibylle & Naomi developed a training that will help you grow those skill with finesse and refinement. “The Art of Teaching” is a professional training designed for future teachers who want to teach skillful, potent and heartfelt classes that make a difference in the world.

More info about Sibylle & Naomi here: 
Aisling McC McCabe
I'm Aisling, Yoga Dublin's resident blogger. I believe life's too short not to feel healthy and happy every day. Join me as I enjoy food, exercise and all the fun in between! I'd love to hear your tips too.
Kaman Ryan
As a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pre and Post-natal Strength Coach, Animal Flow Instructor (L1 & L2), and Holistic Health Counselor. Kaman’s unique blend of expertise, personal experience and passion has helped hundreds of her clients achieve healthier, more fulfilling lives. Kaman has worked with clients in some of the most world’s leading health clubs, including Sports Club LA (New York).

Find out more: 
Gigi Tynan-Pratas
From an early age Gigi has always had a flare for dancing and fitness which has led to her strong passion for healthy living. After school, Gigi went onto Dance College where she studied for two years in Monkstown in The College of Dance and from there attending The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance for a year; after her time in Scotland she came to the realisation that the dance profession wasn't for her.
In college Pilates was taught as part the our curriculum and having a weak core Gigi was constantly told this was something she needed to focus on. From dancing she went on to work a 9-5 desk job; this affected my stamina, strength, flexibility but most importantly her posture. While living in Australia she started taking Pilates on her lunch hour and noticed a difference almost immediately, she quickly realised that this was the profession for her and went onto doing her Pilates training in Sydney, Australia before returning home.
Pilates has changed Gigi's life and taught her the discipline of mind body awareness. She believe's that everyone should incorporate Pilates into their everyday lives.
Orla H Hannon
Orla is an actor and screenwriter who has had a varied career including time spent working in the music industry. She trained at the Arts Educational School in England from the age of 12 in the performing arts and worked in London for many years. She has trained with the Royal Academy of Dance and trained in Los Angeles in Barre. Music is her great love so expect killer playlists and she has been know to sing along from time to time!
Ishtar Darlington
Ishtar's journey in yoga began a few years ago in a search to lower her anxiety levels and increase her physical fitness. What she didn't expect was what a profound effect it would have on every aspect of her life!
She soon realised that yoga was more than just a hobby. She knew she needed to find a way to pass her passion and love for it on to others and so she began the 250 hour Classical Teacher Training program with Samadhi Yoga Studio, Dublin. She dove into the world of asana, pranayama, philosophy and mantra and graduated with a RYS 200 hour teaching certificate.
While yoga is a wonderful physical process it is so much more than that. Through practice it can open up an entirely new world for your body, mind and soul. Ishtar loves every minute of what she does and she only hopes to be able to pass that on to her students.

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