Rani (yogarani)

Facilitating health and wellness since 2000, Rani Sheilagh teaches and guides yoga, mindful movement, meditation, breath and body-mind practices and under the ‘Yogarani’ name with dynamic, creative and playful sessions, workshops, events and experiences.

Rani Sheilagh (yogarani) has a reputation as a Joy Generator, a Guide & Innovator of "be happy feel good" with many years of experience bringing her and her clients "beyond yoga" and the initial "Yogarani" roots to now share and empower with a comprehensive approach to health, happiness and wellness.

She has several senior level yoga teacher certifications and has gained one of the highest international yoga qualifications available as a 'Yoga Elder.' Certification and recognition from IYN (Independent Yoga Network) as a ‘Yoga Elder’ requires 5,000 hours or more of direct and documentable teaching experience.

Rani_Sheilagh_with Godfrey_DevereuxWith 20+ years of experience, Rani is grateful to have had the opportunity to travel extensively studying, assitant teaching and developing with some of the most respected teachers and practitioners from India, Europe, USA and around the globe. With special mention and appreciation of Godfrey Devereux and the Dymanic Yoga teaching method.

Rani’s expert knowledge of the body-mind relationship and her invitation to immediate and somatically-driven (body sensory based) experiences personally empower deep and direct embodiment into the roots of human experience, supporting well-being, and whole-life vitality.

As an artist and creative thinker with a BFA degree and Masters Degree (MPS), Rani also utilises the exploration of our innate creativity and expression as a transformative tool to support wellness sustainably. Having worked creatively in many business and cultural sectors, she has a direct understanding of life demands and the varied challenges we can face in striving to find balance.

Moving away from orthodox and restrictive approaches towards experiencing joy, life's pleasures, the spontaneous and free; her inspirational & contemporary approach incorporates the classical foundations of yoga, meditation, body-mind focus, breath practices, mindful movement, and more! And her fresh, balanced, approach to food, delicious eating and cooking is free of restrictive diets and rules.

Rani Sheilagh's guidance, shared ventures and experiences support your Health, Happiness, Wellness and Lifestyle Empowerment to BE HAPPY FEEL GOOD!


Rani has scheduled some "HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE MOON" Workshops in Yoga Dublin, Ranelagh in the coming months.

Rani (yogarani) instructs the following:
  • Yoga 1
  • Suitable for beginners and for those with some yoga experience

  • Lunchtime Yoga for Everyone
  • Mixed level class, suitable for all levels. €12 Drop-in

  • Dynamic Core Flow Yoga
  • Join Rani’s Dynamic Rasa Core Flow class for an energising, yet gentle practice including core awakening & strengthening postures. Expect fun and some challenge!

    Suitable for ALL levels (LEVEL 1/2)

    Why is the Yogic Core so important? http://yogadublin.com/blog/2017/02/20/core-tastic-yoga-dynamic-core-flow-with-yoga-rani


    • Single Class €16
    • Included in Unlimited Class Passes/ Class Packs


  • Midweek Meditation
  • Learn and Practice Mindful Meditation & Relaxation.
    Each session includes one 20 minute and one 15 minute practice, with guided meditations, mindful breath, focus/intention and relaxation. Classes provide the opportunity for anyone to learn different meditation techniques and explore areas of focus.
    These Meditation classes are for anyone who would like to reap the benefits of taking regular headspace from the hustle and bustle of life, and who would like to learn how to bring this joy generating habit into their everyday life in small, simple and sustainable ways!
    Suitable for ALL - including complete beginners!
    Rani shares 20 years experience from her own journey of meditation studies and exploration of Yogic, Vipassana, Gelupa (Tong-Len), Loving Kindness, Sound (Nada) and Energetic traditions. 
    • Single Class €16
    • Included in class passes/ unlimited options

  • Mindfulness & Digital Detox Workshop
  • Mindfulness & Digital Detox Workshop, with Rani Sheilagh / yogarani

    TURN OFF TO TUNE IN! This workshop includes Yoga postures practice as Mindful movement, Mindful breathe and Mindfulness meditation practices as part of a 2-hour Digital Detox.

    You will also be guided to mindfully break free of the habit of checking phones, the distraction of devices and addictive lure of technology.
    You will learn simple ways to bring digital detox and mindfulness into your everyday life - and why it is so important to turn off from time to time to reduce stress, improve focus, memory and sleep, and foster more meaningful connections.

    Join Rani to delve deeper, to empower yourself and to Feel Good!

    Read below for a few more facts about our relationship with technology and digital devices & the benefits of Mindfulness and Mindful practice.

    Did you know too much time on mobiles, laptops and devices has shown to increase anxiety, to compromise ability to focus and reduce ability for memory recall? And...
    The average person checks their phone 200 times a day - that's once every six and a half minutes
    73% of people say they'd struggle to go a day without checking their phone or computer
    One in four people spend more time online than they do asleep

    Have you heard about the many benefits of Mindfulness? Scientific studies, from the likes of Harvard and MIT, identified benefits of Mindfulness which included...
    Improve confidence
    Reduce anxiety and depression
    Increase brain cognition & improve mood
    Increase in ability to focus and decrease in brain distraction
    Increased ability for resilience when faced with challenges

    All levels are welcome, no previous yoga, mindfulness or meditation experience is required.



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Ranelagh - 28a Dartmouth Road, Dublin 6

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