Anna’s yoga journey started out with lots of intensity and heat, completing her first teacher training with Bikram Choudhury in LA in 2012. What initially attracted her to the practice was its transformational effects on her busy monkey mind, and the mental benefits remain the number one reason why she comes to the mat. The rest –strength/flexibility/improved energy levels/injury prevention etc etc – are just really nice side effects!   She has taught on a fulltime basis for the past 5 years, branching out in styles and getting particularly hooked on Ashtanga yoga. She completed her 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Training with It’s Yoga Nicaragua in 2015 and is currently working to build up to her 500h certification with It’s Yoga Fuerteventura, specializing in Rocket Yoga which has its roots in Ashtanga but with an added playfulness!   As much as she loves a strong asana practice, she also takes an interest in Buddhist meditation, Vipassana and Yoga Nidra and facilitates workshops in the latter since completing her Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course with Nirlipta Tuli & Uma Dinsmore-Tuli of Wombyoga in the summer of 2017. Anna recently made her first trip to Mysore, India, where she spent a month practicing the dynamic Prana Vashya yoga with Yogacharya Vinay Kumar. She draws her inspiration to teach from her own personal practice and passion for the yoga and believes that constant learning and immersion in various types and styles and practices with different teachers is key.   Teaching means sharing what we know; inspiring others to reach their full potential and holding a safe and secure space for students within which the magic of self-realization through yoga can take place.  Expect delicious smells of incense in her classes

Anna instructs the following:
  • Yoga Nidra Workshop – An Exploration of Yogic Sleep
  • Yoga Nidra Workshop – An Exploration of Yogic sleep

    In this workshop you are invited to discover the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. Sometimes
    described as “dynamic sleep,” the Yoga Nidra practice utilizes “pratyahara” (withdrawal of
    the senses) to tap into our subconscious, bringing clarity and insight.
    The Yoga Nidra practice will take you through a guided meditation during which the physical
    body enters a relaxed sleep state while the mind remains alert and aware. In this altered
    state of consciousness, the logical, analytical aspect of the mind is suspended; making
    space for the brain to rewire old negative thought patterns and destructive habits, to
    reinforce healthy new ones. Yoga Nidra thus provides the perfect opportunity to release
    tension, stress and let go of anything that no longer serves us. When practiced regularly,
    Yoga Nidra can also help improve sleep patterns and concentration, regulate blood pressure
    and digestion, calm the nervous system and connect you to your inner source of healing.
    You will have the opportunity to incorporate Sankalpa in the practice; a positive affirmation or
    a resolution. This is a powerful technique of turning to the inner self to channel our energy
    and release wisdom and strength by clearly defining and focusing on a chosen goal.

    Deep Relaxation
    Stress Release
    Loosen the Hold of Old Patterns
    Clear Out Mental Clutter
    Plant Seeds for New Desires/Growth

    Yoga Nidra is the ultimate selfcare practice. It relaxes and nurtures you at every level of
    being. All props (bolsters, blankets and eye pillows) are provided but if you have any
    favourite snuggly props that you like to use, feel free to bring them. We will enjoy the
    nurturing sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowl and pleasantly calming scent of Palo Santo
    (South American “sacred wood” used to combat negative energy) to help fully invite the
    healing powers of Nidra Shakti!
    The workshop will incorporate a gentle guided asana sequence followed by Pranayama, to

    prepare body and mind for the Nidra practice
    No experience required, open for all.
    Bring warm, comfortable clothing.

    SUNDAY 16th DEC 5.30-7.30PM

    Yoga Dublin Ranelagh

    €25 per person. (EARLY BIRD €20 until Nov. 24th)

  • Hot Yoga 2
  • Our hot classes go up 34 degrees, enough to experience all the benefits of a hot yoga class without being overly intense. Within this class the postures are linked in a seamless manner, creating a natural flow of movement linked with breath. Flow will provide cardiovascular benefits, as well as muscle-strengthening and stamina-building. Each class will offer different content that challenges you mentally and physically.

  • Warm Yoga 1
  • Though still a heated class, we drop the temperature to 28 degrees in this class to allow for beginners or those new to Hot Yoga to become accustomed to the heat. This is a good choice for beginners or if you like a slower class. Yoga 1 is a slower-paced flow class geared towards those new to yoga or preferring a slightly gentler class. Time is spent breaking down sun salutations and other poses fundamental to a Yoga practice. Props and modifications offered for proper alignment and ease in the postures. The teacher will guide you through a unique combination of standing and floor postures that will challenge balance, strength and flexibility.

  • Yoga 1
  • A introductory class teaching foundation and basic poses. Open to new students and accessible for those who've never done yoga before. Join others at the intro level and build confidence to move into other Yoga 1 classes. All welcome!



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