Ruthe first took up Satyananda Yoga as a teenager in Galway with Swami Shraddhamurti Saraswati, and found a gift for life. She completed 500 hours RYT training with Yoga Therapy Ireland in 2013, and advanced training in Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga in May 2014. In the same year, she qualified as a Pilates teacher, and Somatics Coach.
Her classes focus on slow, deep inner core work, fun arm balances, and an alignment-based approach to help clients move more easily, develop core strength and stay pain-free. Her teaching style is influenced by Jason Crandell Vinyasa Yoga, Meghan Currie, Pilates, Somatics, Katy Bowman and Tracy Anderson Method.
As a Mum of three, she understands the needs of Pre- and Postnatal Mums, and is inspired by the babies that she meets in her class!
Prenatal Yoga classes offer a great way to take time out and nurture yourself through pregnancy to birth and beyond. In each class, you can expect deep relaxation and breathing techniques to help prepare body and mind to open for labour and birth, gentle stretching, pelvic floor control, help manage pregnancy niggles, improve your posture, boost energy levels, bond with your baby, enjoy some ‘me-time’ and meet other expectant mums.
Postnatal Yoga Classes with Ruthe are energising, core strengthening, and fun for Mum & Baby. Enjoy time out for yourself with baby, regain muscle tone, and meet new friends along the way. We’ll strengthen your deep core muscles so you can enjoy more stability and control of your Pelvic Floor. You’ll discover breathing practices to help you relax, and have fun bonding with your baby. You’ll meet a whole new community of Mums with babies the same age as yours, the babies love their yoga moves and nursery rhymes, it’s a wonderful source of support to new mums.
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Ruthe instructs the following:
  • Mum & Baby Yoga
    Mum and baby yoga is a great way to bond with your baby while getting back in shape. A typical mother and baby yoga class focuses on re-building core strength. Many of the yoga poses involve the core area which helps to tone these muscles and restore strength after pregnancy. We also focus a lot on relieving tension in areas such as the neck, shoulders and back as many new moms find feeding and lifting baby can lead to tiredness in these areas.
    In the class we also practice breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. This helps to replenish lost energy.
    It is suitable to start Mum and baby yoga after your postpartum check-up until your baby is actively crawling. Bring a toy and a blanket for baby.
    Babies are involved in some of the yoga postures and beside mom on a blanket for others. They usually respond very well to the simple baby moves.
    It’s a relaxed environment and all babies are welcome just as they are. It’s also a great way to meet other new moms in a sociable environment. It also fine if baby wants to sleep through the entire class. Feeding and changing during the class is common as is crying! However many babies pick up on the relaxed energy in the class and become quite calm.
    Mum and Baby yoga is suitable from 6 weeks post partum (once mums has been cleared by doctor to exercise) and from 12 weeks if you had a caesarean section.

    Your insurance provider may contribute towards your pre/ postnatal yoga expenses. Check your policy for more details. Receipts can be issued for classes.


    Blog post: "Mum & Baby Yoga: What's It All About?" by teacher Ruthe Burke 



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