Saffron Hennigan teaches baby massage classes at Yoga Dublin. Her classes allow mothers to learn how to massage their babies and also have a fun morning out. Saffron tries to incorporate her knowledge of reflexology and her experience from her 3 daughters into the classes. She likes to focus on helping babies relax and easing colic and wind. Each class finishes with some baby yoga and a cup of tea!
13 years ago Saffron qualified as a reflexologist. She specialises in maternity reflexology but also sees clients for regular treatments. With each treatment Saffron tries to use her skills as a Naturopath, Homeopath and former Pregnancy Yoga teacher to advise her clients. As well as helping clients with the normal pregnancy complaints, she treats clients who have digestive issues, problems with the urinary tract, migraines, colds and sinuses and female issues. Or some just come for a bit of TLC!

Saffron has qualifications in Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology, Infant Massage, Naturopathy, Pre-Natal Yoga, Children's Yoga and Indian Head Massage. So whenever she is working in Yoga Dublin, she tries to draw on her knowledge from all or some of these therapies.
Phone: 087 991 2945

Saffron instructs the following:
  • 5 Week Baby Massage Course

    Baby Massage is a carefully balanced combination of Indian and Swedish Massage Strokes combined with Baby Reflexology. Each class finishes with a cuppa, something tasty and of course plenty of chat!
    • Relieves Colic, Constipation & Wind
    • Relaxes baby and encourages better sleep patterns
    • Calms Infant and De-stresses Regulates Breathing and Relieves Nasal Congestion
    • Improves Skin Texture and Blood Circulation
    • Brings Relief for Teething Pain
    • Great way to spend quality time with your baby
    • Helps you learn more about your baby
    • Brings relaxation to the parent who is massaging

    Classes are run for an hour a week over 5 weeks. Each class covers new massage strokes, concluding with a full body massage for your infant on the last class. Participants massage their baby while being guided through a step-by-step massage routine. Classes are suitable for infants up to around 1 year old (if they are not too active!). Saffron also covers baby reflexology and baby yoga during each class.

    COST OF BABY MASSAGE COURSE: €120 for the 5 Weeks
    • Saffron will give you a receipt and as she is a member of Baby Massage Ireland, €100 is refundable under most health insurance family policies. Check with your health insurer to see if you qualify.
    • Includes a bottle of Organic Massage Oil, handouts and a certificate of completion.
    • Includes one FREE mum and baby yoga class to try out!!Drop In available if you have done Baby Massage Course previously (see below) 
    DROP IN:
    If you have completed the Baby Massage Course with Saffron you can drop into any Mummy & Me Time class. The cost is €16. Reduced rate available if booking multiple classes

    Subject to a minimum number of participants registering.
    In the event of this course not proceeding due to insufficient numbers we will notify you at least 24 hours before the workshop date.
    We would also require 24 hours notice from you to cancel your reservation in this course.



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