The Functional Anatomy of Yin & Yang: A Practical Meditation Workshop

This class is taught by:

Joseph Devlin


A keen rugby player in his 20’s, Joseph experienced many of the common injuries associated with this sport, from damaged and overworked muscles to broken bones.


His interest in the body’s healing process was peaked after a fracture had required an operation and several months in cast and rehab. His mind was made up, he wanted to help others with their injuries...


After Graduating from the National Training Center of Ireland in 2006 with a National Qualification in Massage, Remedial & NeuroMuscular Therapy. He went on to complete two years of the physiotherapy degree at the Robert Gordon University In Aberdeen Scotland, graduating with Higher Diploma in Health Profession Studies. He followed on this training with qualifications In Sports First Aid, Dry Needling, Cupping and Advanced Soft Tissue and Injury Management.


He founded the Aberdeen Sports Massage Clinic whilst at University and over his seven years in Aberdeen, built up a solid reputation for his service to the sporting population of the shire, Including being contracted to the Aberdeen Football Club and the University Sports Scholarship Athletes. He was member of the Scottish Institute of Sport, Massage Providers Network and was invited to work with team scotland at their home games in 2014. He also worked with the Scottish and Irish, International Men’s Rugby Squads, travelling to Croatia with the Scottish Men’s Football squad. He was a part of the London 2012 Olympic support team, working with Women’s football.


His interest was opened after some time at a yoga retreat in his home country of New Zealand, He began dipping his toe into the world of yoga, shitazu massage, tibetian herbs, shamanic practice including sweat lodges and ceremony. He chose to undertake further training in Reiki & chinese cupping. Joseph quickly discovered that new therapists would come to him for advice and he genuinely enjoyed tutoring students and his employes in the balance between the science and art of delivering a quality therapy session. He was asked to become a teacher and has since tutored and lectured in Sports & Massage Therapy with the Scottish Massage schools.


After he left Aberdeen he spent some time traveling, during that time he again was asked to pass on his knowledge, this time to student yoga teachers. So he found himself some part time work in the field of lecturing in anatomy, physiology and Yoga therapy and clinical practice in Goa, India. It was then that his appreciation for yoga started to really grow, he was able to practice daily and really noticed the difference it had on his mind and body, he was also lucky to be able to learn the philosophy of yoga, all whilst enjoying teaching those who would ask insightful questions !


Since his return to Ireland, he has been asked to join the Sandymount NMT & Sports injury practice as a partner and senior therapist where he looks forward to applying his knowledge and skills gathered around the world from a variety of traditions, while continuing on his yoga and teaching journey.


What you can expect in one of his workshops…

"Always expect the unexpected"

- Oscar Wilde


Joseph hopes to share a blend of what he sees of value between the the science of what we know about the body from dissection and micro investigation and theory behind what happens in healing, With his personal experience of holding space for hundreds of clients as they go through a healing process.


Topics will range from the flight and flight nervous systems to pain gate theory and pathophysiology to advice he has had from the yoga teachers and healers he has worked with.


During practical elements, where self release is concerned he sees this as an essential part of the practice of anyone who has any element of disturbed movement pattern.


Joseph calls upon his years of experience to assess posture and movement, educate his clients on specifically what would be of great benefit for them to focus on outside of their sessions. And then working with pressure points, that are holding their over worked muscles into negative patterns of movement.


He utilizes simple tools such as foam rollers and tennis balls to empower his workshop attendees to be able to do their own soft tissue release techniques and achieve a positive change in their movement.


Who is Joseph?

Outside the clinic and teaching he loves Travel, adventures into the outdoors and unknown, walking and spending time in nature, and he is a big fan of sustainable music and movement festivals.

This workshop presented by Joseph Devlin is an investigation into the western mind and body through the deepening the exploration by developing the understanding of our bodies structure and function (or anatomy and physiology.)
Joseph combines his training as a NeuroMuscular & Physiotherapist, his experience working with elite athletes & professional / international squads. Along with his own personal journey and travels practicing and teaching yoga teachers and therapists. With tangents into the natural cycles of life defined in chinese medicine, & shamanic practice, evolutionary biology and a reflection on the lifestyle of the average modern day human. It will cover such topics and muscle shortness and inhibition and its effect on, posture, function and breath and the formation of trigger points along meridian lines. Then how we as practitioners therapists / teachers can work reverse that cycle in a balanced natural way through simple techniques.
The informal lecture and practical workshop is designed to be an experience to enrich and deepen the knowledge and practice of any students, practitioners and teachers of any physical practice such as yoga and pilates and therapists such and physio, physical and massage / bodyworkers.
This workshop will be interactive, fun and include explanation of anatomy in simple metaphorical terms allowing attendees to deepen and embody the experience they deliver to their clients.
The practical will involve a foam rolling active meditation, muscle release session, which will aim to replicate a bodywork session, and will encourage the participants to be very present and breathe through what is coming up for them in the session. should be free from acute injuries, and plan to relax after the workshop as they may be in a mildly altered state after the deep tissue release session.
Cost : €60 (10% Discount for Yoga Dublin Monthly Members)
A CPD certificate of attendance is available

Dress: To do movement (shorts/ t-shirt/ yoga kit) and be warm (bring socks and a jumper).

Bring: A mat and foam roller (if you have one), water bottles, questions, an open heart and readiness to connect with your breath.



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