6 Week Mindfulness Course

This class is taught by:

Lourda Scott

Certified to teach Meditation, Youth Mindfulness, Kids Yoga and Prenatal Yoga

Lourdas first introduction to Meditation was when she first started Yoga fourteen years ago and was in fact the part of the class she disliked the most! She just didn’t get the whole lying still and wanted to get up and DO something!


As tends to happen though, life threw a few curve balls over the years leading to periods of stress and insomnia and while Yoga helped her deal with this to a degree, she didn’t always have time to devote to practice. It wasn’t until I stumbled across a Foundation course in Mindfulness Meditation in the Dublin Buddhist Centre that something really clicked for her. She couldn’t believe how simple the techniques were and immediately felt the benefits of a daily 5 minute practice. For Lourda, the most obvious change was being able to detach herself from her internal commentary and not get caught up in her thoughts. She completed the course wondering why more and more people weren’t doing this and why it was so difficult to find a weekly class to participate in. Since then Lourda has continued meditating at home and continued to obtain a 180 hr Meditation Teaching Diploma with Yoga Ireland - an internationally recognised yoga school. Through this year long course she strengthened her own practice and became passionate about taking the mystery out of meditation and making it accessible to everyone.


Her life took on another path when Lourda became the Mother of a beautiful boy. Her regular practice of Pregnancy Yoga, of which mindfulness played a big part, was of huge benefit throughout pregnancy and birth. She says giving birth is really like a marathon meditation session as you stay focused on your breath and in the present moment for hours on end. She subsequently became a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Approved School, ‘The Elbowroom’ and love sharing what she has learnt with other Mamas to be, through such a special, yet often very daunting time in their lives.


As her baby boy was joined by two baby girls she wondered how she could introduce these valuable skills into their lives. As she see them surrounded by technology from the get go she really feels the need as a parent to teach our kids from an early age how to ‘switch off’ and chill out. Having completed Rainbow Kids and Family Yoga Teacher training Lourda continued to train with Mindfulschools and is excited to teach the Mindful Educator curriculum. This research backed mindfulness programme has been taught to over 300,000 students worldwide and Lourda is really excited to pass on this knowledge to kids in her area.

Is your life too busy? Do you find the days blurring into one?
In this 6 Week Mindfulness course we explore how to be more present and aware. We learn how to press the pause button and develop an appreciation of every moment. By using simple mindfulness techniques in everyday life you will finish the course empowered and able to face life's challenges with a sense of kindness and compassion.
Each class ends with a deeply relaxing yoga nidra meditation leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.
Taught by an experienced mindfulness practitioner and teacher, this course is suitable for beginners and those wishing to expand their practice.
PRICE: €100 for 6 Weeks*
*10% Discount for Yoga Dublin members



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