Yoga BASICS Workshop

This class is taught by:

Sibylle Dallmann

At the heart of every one of my classes lies the intention to inspire you to live life with courage, openness and integrity. It is my hope that each class in its own unique way will offer you a space to slow down, digest life and re-discover the ways in which your own potential is ready to express itself into life.
I believe in a supportive, down-to-earth style of teaching. My classes are slow, precise and meditative. They are physically challenging yet deeply nourishing. I place a high focus on integrating and refining movement, breath and attention to access and birth the beauty that lies within each and every one of us.
I am a student of yoga, philosophy and life for as long as I can remember. I’ve been teaching yoga for the past 12 years throughout which my approach has changed, grown and developed quite organically. However, what has never changed is my awe for life, movement, the human condition and the beauty that can be brought forth from it all.
I’ve co-created the 200hrs foundational yoga teacher training “The Art of Teaching” to help aspiring teachers develop their teaching skills and find their own voice of teaching. I host a range of national and international retreats yearly, called SOULFIRE, designed to help you digest life fully and get clarity on what’s truly important to you. I facilitate workshops for teachers and students nationwide with the intention to develop a more nuanced experience and understanding of the practice. I’m the author of “THE SUNDAY NUDGE” a selection of written word articles with the intention to help you transition your practice into your life off the mat.
Suitable for all levels but especially designed for people new to yoga.
This workshop is a must if you are new to Yoga but is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to fine-tune their practice and get more out of their regular classes.
Basics will be broken down into bite-able chunks, so you can develop a better understanding of the postures, of the techniques involved and of your own postural habits. Learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them so you can build a stronger, more supple body right from the start.
We go slow so that you can learn and implement the tools to safely develop your yoga practice and grow in confidence that you are doing the postures correctly. You’ll learn how to modify postures to better suit you and your body. You’ll learn how to breathe correctly and how to match the breath to your movement to create more fluidity and reduce tension.
There will be time to ask any questions you may have and receive individual feedback on your practice.
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Upcoming classes:

  • Sun 03 Dec 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm with Sibylle Dallmann
    at Dundrum



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