Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Intention Setting for the New Year w/ Mandalei Yoga Love Spirit

This class is taught by:
Come join us in this beautiful heart opening and soul centering experience of Cacao as we set new year intentions. Cacao has been used for 1,000s of years by indigenous communities of Central and South America as a medicine for physical and spiritual healing and is becoming popular in yoga communities worldwide because of its powerful ability to assist us yogis in gently opening up our hearts and awakening us to our true nature. She assists us in letting go of what no longer serves, manifesting intentions and connecting in with ourselves so we can follow our inner wisdom and ignite our creativity. Best of all Cacao opens our hearts to give and receive unencumbered love.
Cacao is: rich in flavonoids (natural antioxidants which protect us from disease); magnesium which assists with energy, healthy sleeping patterns and general well being; and increases the flow of healing oxygen to our organs and tissues.
We will start with a grounding meditation and some very, very gentle heart opening postures on the floor (beginners who have never ever done yoga before are totally welcome and encouraged to join!), we will then ceremonially drink our Cacao together and journey into a space where we can meet her and receive her guidance. There will be music, shamanic drumming and singing bowls to assist us on our journey.
You will leave feeling nourished, grounded and loved.
**Things to note before ceremony**
AVOID - Caffeine, dairy and big meals because they interfere with the effects of Cacao.
Stop eating at least 2 hours prior to ceremony, if possible.
Come hydrated.
Wear layers.
If you are taking MAOIs, pregnant or breastfeeding or have a heart condition please let me know in advance so we can adjust your dose of Cacao.
And email me with any questions or concerns at:




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