Yoga for the Immune System

This class is taught by:

Lydia Sasse

Hatha yoga teacher
Wellness coach and speaker
Face and skin yoga
Teacher trainer
Women health yoga therapist
Yoga therapist for children with additional needs
Pre-natal Yoga teacher
Post natal yoga teacher
Mum & baby yoga teacher
Kids yoga teacher
Active birth coach
Bowen therapist

Lydia did her first yoga class in the Himalayas when she was a little girl and loved it.

Yoga has been a life long pursuit, but to give her a greater understanding of how the body works, and why it sometimes doesn’t, Lydia has also trained as a Bowen therapist and completed a diploma in physiology and anatomy.
Having spent the last decade working with children and pregnant mums,she decided that working as a pre and post natal yoga teacher was the next step.

Lydia passionately believes that practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy and beyond, strengthens both the mind and body in preparation for labour, and paves the way for a more balanced and healthy life for you and your child.

More recently lydia has started sharing her love of health and wellness with people in the workplace, she gives wellness coaching workshops and classes within corporate settings. She has developed a yoga for your classroom series that she teaches in schools around the country to train primary school teachers how to deal with emotional and self regulatory issues in the classroom to make it a more friendly place for everyone.

Lydia has specialized in a lot of the more unique areas of yoga and has a love of yoga for the face and eyes. She wants to move away from the idea that the body and head are seperate entities and just as we exercise our body, so too, we should exercise our faces. She teaches yoga for your face and skin workshops and talks, which look at the health of your skin from without and within. In her regular yoga classes and workshops she like to focus on yoga for the organ body.

Lydia has recently launched a health and wellness podcast with her friend and health-food store owner Finn Murray that is set outside in areas of natural beauty around ireland.

If you have any queries for Lydia please get in touch; or 0872521031
Instagram : @yogawithlydia
Facebook : @yogawithlydia
Twitter : @yogawithlydia

Join lydia in this fortifying workshop for winter: power up your immune system for the cold and flu season with purifying twists, balancing standing poses and restorative yoga.
We will be practicing heating poses to help clear congestion and flush out toxins, pranayama for lymphatic drainage and relaxing passive poses that help to build ojas ( known in yoga as the buffer of the immune system)
Suitable for all levels except total beginners



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