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Gemma Rose Beardsley

Gemma-Rose first discovered yoga while living in New York City. The first style she practiced was ‘Bikram Yoga’ which she dedicated herself to for many months. As her passion for yoga grew, so too did her desire to experience a broader range of styles. She eventually found vinyasa yoga in Dublin which immediately resonated with her on a deep level, especially during self practice.

Having experienced the incredible benefits of yoga and the life changing impact it had on her life, she became deeply motivated to become a yoga teacher so she could pass on these good feelings to those around her through this ancient tradition. She decided to take some time away from her career as a designer and flew to Rishikesh, India where she completed her first formal yoga training. She received 200hrs YTT in Hatha Vinyasa and Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2016.

Gemma-Rose continues to develop her knowledge of yoga, both as a practitioner and as a teacher. Her attitude towards yoga is always the same - “My intention is to help people feel good about themselves.”

Rani (yogarani) Sheilagh

Facilitating health and wellness since 2000, Rani Sheilagh teaches and guides yoga, mindful movement, meditation, breath and body-mind practices and under the ‘Yogarani’ name with dynamic, creative and playful sessions, workshops, events and experiences.

Rani Sheilagh (yogarani) has a reputation as a Joy Generator, a Guide & Innovator of "be happy feel good" with many years of experience bringing her and her clients "beyond yoga" and the initial "Yogarani" roots to now share and empower with a comprehensive approach to health, happiness and wellness.

She has several senior level yoga teacher certifications and has gained one of the highest international yoga qualifications available as a 'Yoga Elder.' Certification and recognition from IYN (Independent Yoga Network) as a ‘Yoga Elder’ requires 5,000 hours or more of direct and documentable teaching experience.

Rani_Sheilagh_with Godfrey_DevereuxWith 20+ years of experience, Rani is grateful to have had the opportunity to travel extensively studying, assitant teaching and developing with some of the most respected teachers and practitioners from India, Europe, USA and around the globe. With special mention and appreciation of Godfrey Devereux and the Dymanic Yoga teaching method.

Rani’s expert knowledge of the body-mind relationship and her invitation to immediate and somatically-driven (body sensory based) experiences personally empower deep and direct embodiment into the roots of human experience, supporting well-being, and whole-life vitality.

As an artist and creative thinker with a BFA degree and Masters Degree (MPS), Rani also utilises the exploration of our innate creativity and expression as a transformative tool to support wellness sustainably. Having worked creatively in many business and cultural sectors, she has a direct understanding of life demands and the varied challenges we can face in striving to find balance.

Moving away from orthodox and restrictive approaches towards experiencing joy, life's pleasures, the spontaneous and free; her inspirational & contemporary approach incorporates the classical foundations of yoga, meditation, body-mind focus, breath practices, mindful movement, and more! And her fresh, balanced, approach to food, delicious eating and cooking is free of restrictive diets and rules.

Rani Sheilagh's guidance, shared ventures and experiences support your Health, Happiness, Wellness and Lifestyle Empowerment to BE HAPPY FEEL GOOD!


Rani has scheduled some "HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE MOON" Workshops in Yoga Dublin, Ranelagh in the coming months.

Amy Charlie Savory

Amy is originally from London where she taught yoga and meditation to promote positive mental psychology.
Amy's interests include travel, photography, drawing meditation and standing on her head.

Jess Oatway

Yogajess's journey was born out of work related stress and back pain! She was working in a stressful job and noticed that after sitting at her desk for 3 to 4 hours without moving, her back would really start to hurt. So she found a Vinyasa yoga class near to her work and started going…(religiously) ….every Monday. She was hooked!
She started to REALLY get stressed in work which was taking over in her downtime as well and noticed that during yoga practice her concentration and breathing were so focused and calm she would forget about work and her mind felt peaceful and spacious. The anxious feeling disappeared.
Jess decided she wanted to learn more about the practice, have it as part of her everyday life and to introduce other people to yoga. She trained to become a teacher and completed her YTT 200hrs under the tutelage of Sibylle Dalmain and Naomi Sturdy at Yoga Dublin.
She soon realised that while a lot of people knew about yoga and wanted to try it, there was a feeling of fear and intimidation to go to the first classes. Her goal is to take those fears away. You can expect to be pushed and to have a sense of achievement in Jess's class, feel calm and relaxed but still have fun and a laugh. At the end of the day, we all need to stretch, strengthen, laugh and bring a bit of zen into our hectic lives.

Phoebe H Higson

Phoebe was first introduced to yoga in 2012 whilst training at The Oxford School of Drama. It was a vital tool for connecting mind and body at the start of each day and she really felt the difference on the days I didn't practise. She was hooked after that, and yoga become a huge part of her life, changing and guiding her towards being my happiest, healthiest self, both mentally and physically. I knew this was going to be a lifelong love and as a natural teacher, the step towards taking her teacher training was an inevitable one, even though it took a lot of courage to get my there. She trained in Frog and Lotus Vinyasa Flow, which is creative, with a strong emphasis on breathwork, alignment and adjustments, all of which she has developed into her own teaching.


Aislin Lavin

Aislin has been practicing yoga for over ten years in her native city, Philadelphia. Her practice took on new depth and dimension during her Peace Corps service in the Republic of Armenia. In Armenia she witnessed the transformative power of yoga for herself as well as for her community. Upon her return to Philadelphia she dedicated herself to learning the art of sharing this practice and its lessons both on and off the mat.

Aislin’s vinyasa classes emphasize a balance of strengthening and softening using the breath as a guide. She encourages her students to challenge themselves in discovering how the practice of yoga revitalizes and restores the body, the heart, and the mind.

Aislin’s yin classes center around the idea of anatomical uniqueness, and use the experience of lengthening the fascia to infuse the body with breath and poetry.

Aislin studied under the guidance of Corina Benner for her 250 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training, and Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Michelle E Egan

Michelle was introduced to yoga while on a tennis scholarship in America in the mid 90’s. At the time yoga was largely unheard of in Ireland but she recognised its benefits to athletes in prevention of injury and also building up strength and confidence within. It was several years later while working in media in London that Michelle was reintroduced to yoga. She made the decision to train as a yoga instructor and completed her training in Hatha yoga in 2006.

Michelle’s teaching places emphases on a deep connection with the breath, stillness and clarity of the mind, strength, balance and a mindful flow of movement. She teaches dynamic and gentle classes depending on the needs of her classes Michelle is also a qualified prenatal, mum and baby yoga and kids yoga teacher. Her mum and
baby classes in Ranelagh are divided between mum and baby. For the mums we focus on rebuilding core strength, toning pelvic floor muscles and strengthening up the lower back and shoulders. We work with the breath and, when allowed!, even enjoy some quiet relaxation. The babies then enjoy some wonderful hip openers and stretching followed by songs and lots of fun.
This class is a great opportunity to meet other mums and babies and you and your baby will both benefit from this class. Suitable from 4 weeks on… All levels welcome. This is a drop in class. No booking necessary but limited numbers do apply 
Michelle is a certified baby massage instructor and has massaged over 300 babies in the last 6 years in Dublin. Her 4 week course runs regularly in Yoga Dublin, Dundrum.
Massage soothes your baby and is pleasurable for you both. Research has shown the respiratory, muscular, circulatory and immune systems all benefit from the positive effects of massage. Make the most of this special time and enjoy the sounds and smells that will help you to bond with your baby. Course cost 120 euro with up to 100 euro redeemable on some health insurance policies. FREE mum and baby class when you sign up for baby massage course.
Any questions regarding these classes call michelle 087 122 8619

Michele Van Valey

'Build strength. Manage pain. Feel invigorated. Breathe. Reduce stress. Relax deeply.' 

Experienced and accessible, Michele draws on 15 years of study in a number of disciplines, delivering Yoga and Pilates classes and private sessions that range from restorative and therapeutic to powerful and energetic depending on the needs of the individuals in attendance. Her yoga travels have taken her from Satyananda’s Rikhiapeeth in Bihar to Patthabi Jois and the Ashtanga tradition in Mysore. Currently, Michele is working toward a Masters Degree in Mindfulness Based Interventions at UCD and delivers mindfulness classes to students in secondary schools.

Michele works throughout the South Dublin area and is available for private sessions with individuals and groups in several locations or in your home or office. Her clients include Royal College of Surgeons, Terenure College and The High School.


Anna Olsson

Anna’s yoga journey started out with lots of intensity and heat, completing her first teacher training with Bikram Choudhury in LA in 2012. What initially attracted her to the practice was its transformational effects on her busy monkey mind, and the mental benefits remain the number one reason why she comes to the mat. The rest –strength/flexibility/improved energy levels/injury prevention etc etc – are just really nice side effects!   She has taught on a fulltime basis for the past 5 years, branching out in styles and getting particularly hooked on Ashtanga yoga. She completed her 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Training with It’s Yoga Nicaragua in 2015 and is currently working to build up to her 500h certification with It’s Yoga Fuerteventura, specializing in Rocket Yoga which has its roots in Ashtanga but with an added playfulness!   As much as she loves a strong asana practice, she also takes an interest in Buddhist meditation, Vipassana and Yoga Nidra and facilitates workshops in the latter since completing her Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course with Nirlipta Tuli & Uma Dinsmore-Tuli of Wombyoga in the summer of 2017. Anna recently made her first trip to Mysore, India, where she spent a month practicing the dynamic Prana Vashya yoga with Yogacharya Vinay Kumar. She draws her inspiration to teach from her own personal practice and passion for the yoga and believes that constant learning and immersion in various types and styles and practices with different teachers is key.   Teaching means sharing what we know; inspiring others to reach their full potential and holding a safe and secure space for students within which the magic of self-realization through yoga can take place.  Expect delicious smells of incense in her classes

Joanna Collins

Joanna Collins was born in Dublin and spent her youth training in London. Her yoga practice stems from a dance background namely classical ballet, contemporary and modern, so her teaching is rooted in an innate and precise sense of physicality. She began to train in India in 2004 where she spent 2 years experiencing yoga as a way of life. Her main practice there was in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition, practicing with V. Venkatesh (Atma Vikasa, Mysore) and V. Sheshadri (Mysore Mandala Shala). She gained a teacher training certificate in Yoga Education from Yoga Vidyha Dham Institution and then completed her teacher training in Los Angeles at the renowned Yoga Works studio in Santa Monica with her mentor Annie Carpenter

Joanna has been fortunate to study under many senior teachers including, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty, Erik Schiffman,Tias Little and David Swenson. In Dublin, Joanna has studied continuously with her teacher David Curtis and was apprentice to him on the Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training course in 2009.

Joanna is specifically drawn to the discipline of Vinyasa Flow Yoga because of the precise alignment and placement it demands on the body and its connection of breath with movement.

Now a mother of three, Joanna found how imperative her yoga practice was to her through the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood, and now also teaches both Pre and Postnatal Yoga and Mum and Baby Yoga.

A introductory class teaching foundation and basic poses. Open to new students and accessible for those who've never done yoga before. Join others at the intro level and build confidence to move into other Yoga 1 classes. All welcome!

Upcoming classes:

  • Sun 16 Dec 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Gemma Rose Beardsley
    at Ranelagh
  • Mon 17 Dec 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Rani (yogarani) Sheilagh
    at Ranelagh
  • Mon 17 Dec 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Amy Charlie Savory
    at Dundrum
  • Mon 17 Dec 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with Jess Oatway
    at Dundrum
  • Mon 17 Dec 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm with Phoebe H Higson
    at Ranelagh
  • Mon 17 Dec 8:15 pm - 9:15 pm with Aislin Lavin
    at Dundrum
  • Tue 18 Dec 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with Michelle E Egan
    at Dundrum
  • Tue 18 Dec 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm with Michele Van Valey
    at Ranelagh
  • Wed 19 Dec 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with Anna Olsson
    at Ranelagh
  • Thu 20 Dec 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with Joanna Collins
    at Dundrum
  • Sun 23 Dec 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Gemma Rose Beardsley
    at Ranelagh



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