6 Week Introduction to Tai Chi Course

This class is taught by:

Ross Cousens

Ross originally hails from New Zealand where he trained in Judo, Aikido and Kung Fu. A chance purchase while on holiday in the UK in 1997 led him to a Tai Chi Chuan class with Master John Ding, he ended up staying 10 years longer than expected.Since 1999 Ross has taught remote classes and regularly assisted Master Ding in classes at the two London JDA, (John Ding Academy), branches. Furthermore Ross has assisted Master Ding in instruction at single, two and seven day seminars/retreats, in the UK Ireland, Belgium and Germany. Ross is a fully qualified Instructor within JDA and is permitted to run classes independently.In March 2007 Ross decided to take his Tai Chi Chuan full time and has been running ongoing Tai Chi Chuan classes across Dublin. He has also been providing one to one training and running a series of one day seminars that explore the principles and concepts more deeply.Through retreats and personal instruction with Master Ding, Ross continues to train and so deepen his knowledge and skill in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.Master John Ding is the 6th Generation of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage and is the founder of the John Ding Academy. He is the first Disciple of the late Master Ip Tai Tak and is one of the few people to have studied under all three formal disciples of the late Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung.
Ross is one of a number of qualified Master Ding Academy instructors; instructors teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung in Ireland. He has been training under Master Ding since 1997 and has been assisting Master Ding with classes, seminars and retreats across Europe since 2001.

Ross's teaching aims to integrate the life affirming principles found within the ancient Chinese practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, with the hectic lifestyles that we all lead today.

This fusion of the ancient and modern worlds is attained through the mindful practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung on a daily basis. This inner discipline results in the much sought after Strong Body and Still Mind, as often described by Tai Chi texts.

Class structure includes solo and partner work where students are encouraged to work together to mutual benefit. This results in an informal, fun environment where every person has an opportunity to learn from everyone else.

For those interested in the martial aspects of the art, introduction to the practicalities of postures and movements are included. Once basic skills are attained, Tai Chi Chuan as a fighting art can be explored.
€90 for 6 week course
For bookings please contact Ross directly:

Upcoming classes:

  • Thu 10 Jan 8:15 pm - 9:45 pm with Ross Cousens
    at Ranelagh
  • Thu 17 Jan 8:15 pm - 9:45 pm with Ross Cousens
    at Ranelagh
  • Thu 24 Jan 8:15 pm - 9:45 pm with Ross Cousens
    at Ranelagh
  • Thu 31 Jan 8:15 pm - 9:45 pm with Ross Cousens
    at Ranelagh
  • Thu 07 Feb 8:15 pm - 9:45 pm with Ross Cousens
    at Ranelagh
  • Thu 14 Feb 8:15 pm - 9:45 pm with Ross Cousens
    at Ranelagh



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